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Small Flower Floral Registry

Have you ever experienced mixed emotions of gratitude and disappointment upon receiving a bouquet of flowers? You get a bouquet from someone special, but the flowers don't quite resonate with you. The colours aren't to your taste, or there are too many of a flower you're not keen on. While the quality is fine, it doesn't reflect your personality, leading to a tinge of disappointment. You appreciate the thought and effort, but the bouquet could be more captivating.  This is where are vision for the Small Flower Floral Registry was born.


At Small Flower, we aim to delight our clients with the perfect bouquet every time! This is why we've introduced our unique Floral Registry. Say goodbye to disappointment and hello to joy with our service! Our Floral Registry ensures that every bouquet you receive is tailored to your preferences, from your favourite flowers to your preferred colour schemes and styles. We're committed to turning your floral dreams into reality, one petal at a time. 🌸  Receive bouquets that only bring admiration and perfectly express thoughtful gestures of love.


By simply answering a few quick questions and registering with us, we ensure a seamless and satisfying experience for everyone involved. Choose Small Flower for a magical journey into floral perfection today!

Discover your Floral Personality Today!

Register below and then tell all your friends and family you are registered with Small Flower and share the beauty of each small flower so they can have the same experience.

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