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Small Flower -Floral Registry

Have you ever felt that frustrating mix of gratitude and disappointment when you receive a bouquet of flowers from a loved one?  You have received a bouquet from someone special, but when the flowers arrive, they don’t quite capture your heart. Maybe the colour scheme wasn't your style, or it had one too many of that pesky flower you're not a fan of. While the quality isn't bad, it's just...not you, leaving you slightly disappointed.  You know they've put in thought and money, yet the end result just isn't as impressive as you both hoped.


Small Flower wants to delight our clients with perfect flowers every time!   From this desire, our Floral Registry has been born. No more worries! We're here to transform those wilted feeling into blooming joy with our Floral Registry!

By understanding what flowers bring you joy and having some knowledge of your favourite colours and style, we have everything we need to wow you.   We will bring your hopes and flower dreams to life, one petal at a time. 🌸  When this bouquet arrives, no one will have anything but admiration for the thoughtful gesture of love.


When you answer a  few quick questions and register, we have everything necessary to make this a win-win experience for all involved. Let Small Flowers provide a magical journey into your blossoming brilliance today!

Discover your Floral Personality Today!

Register below and then tell all your friends and family you are registered with Small Flower and share the beauty of each small flower so they can have the same experience.

Small Flower Registry
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