• Small Flower {floral studio}

Why I started my business.

I often get asked why and how I started my business. So I thought I would take the time to answer your question.

My love for flowers and nature was nurtured by both my Grandmas who were avid gardens. While running along side them while they tended and toiled, I discovered the deep beauty and enchantment that flowers offered my spirit. Crawling underneath trees, leaning my nose deep into the head of a peony only to have ants crawl all over me. I watched the leaves of the Laurel tree sway in the wind and felt the cool breeze that her graceful movement offered. Yes nature was sweet medicine for my soul.

Once I graduated from high school it seemed like a very natural progression to follow my passion for flowers and find a job in a field that I knew I would love. After working and learning along side many talented mentors and designers I finally got an itch to take on the challenge of owning my own business. I had worked as the manager of a store called Anne Paterson's Flowers for 3 years and the owner had just had a baby and was looking for a change. I fell in love with both the location and the people I served, and it was just the push I needed to pursue my own dreams of owning a floral shop.

Out of my time spent working in a flower shop I was keen to learn how the floral biz worked, studying the numbers and figuring out margins and how one was to make money while creating beauty. Above all else I wanted to create an environment that was nurturing and welcoming for both myself, my staff and my customers. I observed and noticed the power that flowers had to shift moods and the power they had to add more beauty into the world. So I took my passion and knowledge for flowers and bought the store..yes I loved Anne Paterson's Flowers enough that I wanted to make it my own.

After many, many years (20+ years) I re-branded and made it even more my own by naming it Small Flower {floral studio}. It was out of my deep knowing of what a powerful force just one small flower could have to impact and make the world a better place that I name my studio. It is with this same passion that I move in the world and I know that every small action that is taken with great love has the power to make the world a better place. So it is with this mission that I run my business. Everyday I choose to open my heart and use my hands as tools to adding more beauty into the lives of my staff, clients, their families and people whose lives are touched by flowers. I have watched and experienced and seen that flowers matter.

We love the story that each small flowers has to offer the world and we are mad about the diversity that comes with texture, colour and many varied objects. We adore the picture that is painted from gathering many different objects and flowers together to create something truly special. We see how wild and untamed nature is, how even in imperfection beauty finds her place. We believe when we bring diversity together that something truly magical can happen and that out of this place we can have a greater impact to make the world just a little more beautiful. #bettertogether

We love that you are a part of our community. How do you experience the power of one small flower in your own life? We hope that our story can resonate with you as well and challenge you to show up in the world, be seen and make a difference. I would love to see where and how you show up in the world and what passion ignites your life?

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