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8 Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding Flowers

Q: How do you price your wedding flowers?

A* Wedding flowers are priced the way they are based on a few factors. First, the cost of every flower variety fluctuates with the seasons, availability and demand. For example, if you wanted peonies in August, they would cost more than peonies in May.

*Covid has also impacted the supply chain so brides can expect an increase in the price of many products due to a worldwide shortage, shipping limitations, and expenses.

*-Time and labour also need to be considered to price your wedding flowers correctly. Each flower is carefully processed, cleaned, and artfully designed with love and attention by our skilled hands that have been crafting weddings for years.

*Another factor is supplies. Each wedding requires boxes, tissue, ribbon, tape, paper, wire, and so much more.

*The final factor is overall design aesthetic and size preferences. A large r arrangement will cost you more than a small bouquet. Each w wedding is carefully priced with all these things in mind.

Q: Why are wedding bouquets so expensive?

A: Several factors will impact the price of your bouquet. Beautiful flowers are not cheap!! Wedding bouquets are often comprised of wide varieties of individual blooms and mixed foliage, which can be costly. Your wedding florist is a professional you are hiring because of the artistry they provide in handcrafting a one-of-a-kind bouquet that represents you. Often our florist has spent years honing their skills in design and often paid thousands of dollars for hands-on training to develop and improve their craft. It takes time to care for and process each bloom day before even starting the creative process of designing your bouquet. This t me and energy upfront is part of the success of your bouquet's overall longevity. While our florist will help you pick the flowers that fit your style and theme, it's essential to be clear about your budget.

Q: What can I expect to pay for my bridal bouquet?

A: Our average bride spends between $350.00 and $500.00 on their bridal bouquet. This I the piece you will carry in most of your pictures and elevate and complement your bridal outfit. Most o our bouquets include various varieties of premium blooms and foliage. This e estimated price range will suit most weddings and may fluctuate depending on factors such as the season, source, and timing. If you want to keep your cost down, consider using fewer varieties and keeping to more familiar types with a colour palette that is complementary to your wedding theme.

Q: How much is the deposit to book my wedding?

A: Your wedding deposit is required to book with us and secure your spot on our calendar. We need a 50% non-refundable deposit based on your initial wedding quote.

Q: How much should I budget for my wedding flowers?

A: Budgeting is often tricky for so many couples, and sometimes it comes down to one thing: what are your values and priories? What an e the things you value the most and feel are the most important? We have had brides who have spent thousands of dollars on a simple mountain elopement because they love flowers! We have had others who only order a single bridal bouquet. The sky is the limit! But in that same sense, no wedding order is too small. At the end of the day, whether you only need flowers for your wedding party or want flowers dripping from the ceiling, we will quote you based on what you want. From there, you can decide! That s id it is always helpful if you come to us with a budget—that way, we can make appropriate suggestions to fit your budgetary needs.

Q: Can I pick up my flowers the day before the wedding?

A: In short, yes. They are your wedding flowers, after all! However, we recommend that flowers picked up be kept in a temperature-controlled setting until the day of the wedding (stored away from fruits and vegetables). When we hold wedding flowers, they are kept in coolers to stay fresh and happy. Wedding flowers are meant for one day, your wedding day. Their purpose is not to last; their goal is to look stunning for your day! With that in mind, we purposefully allow the flowers to open up so that the day you see them is when they are in their most beautiful state. Because of this, keeping the flowers in our coolers overnight is the safest place they can be.

Q: Can I use my wedding vases?

A: Yes! We have had many brides in the past who have supplied us with their wedding vases. We understand how nice it is to give away the wedding flowers in a vase once the evening is over. However, we require having the vases one week before your wedding day and need to know the size of the vases ahead of time so we can give you an accurate quote.

Q; I want to make my wedding arrangements. Can I order bulk flowers for my wedding from you?

A: Yes! We often provide bulk flowers for wedding clients who want to design their bouquets and centrepieces. Bulk orders are priced upon request and are based on market value. We cannot guarantee certain flowers as they are a delicate commodity that depends so much on the weather. We will offer an appropriate substitute if there is a problem getting in the flower variety you requested. All bulk orders must be finalized no later than one month before the wedding.

Are you wondering where to begin on your journey of finding your floral budget? We recommend looking at our Wedding Flower Budget Planner. Are you ready to start planning your wedding flowers? Inquire Today We love weddings and flowers and can't wait to meet you and see your vision come to life.

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