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Teatro Opera House Calgary Wedding: Bold and Beautiful Wedding Flowers

Rachal & Aaron Teatro Opera Room Wedding- May 2019

Bold and Beautiful Bridal Bouquet
Bold & Beautiful Bridal Bouquet

Rachel and Aaron had their hearts set on a fun and colourful Spring Cocktail party for their special day, but Mother Nature had other plans for the Teatro Calgary Wedding. However, this unexpected twist only made their wedding day even more magical! The gentle snowfall turned their surroundings into a stunning winter wonderland, and the vibrant blooms popped against the white of Rachel's gorgeous wedding dress.

Bold, Beautiful Teatros Weddinng
Teatro's Opera Room Intimate Wedding

Imagine stepping into the Teatros Opera House, an exquisite beacon of architectural grandeur, set to host your most memorable cocktail wedding and reception. As a guest at Rachel and Aaron's intimate cocktail party wedding, you'd be welcomed into the enchanting Opera Room, a realm where romance and elegance intertwine, creating the perfect tableau for a charming reception and dance party.

Imagine sipping on handcrafted cocktails, the hum of intimate conversations filling the air, your senses tingling with anticipation. The room is but a canvas brought to life by the meticulous staff, creating an atmosphere as dreamy as a midsummer night's romance. You'd feel like you're a part of their dream, now a beautiful reality.

The spotlight finds its way to Rachel and Aaron, their joy palpable, their smiles brighter than ever. You'd watch as they dance - their every twirl, their every step, a testament to their love story. You'd find yourself swaying to the rhythm too, happiness echoing with every note that fills the room.

With an in-house events manager to ensure everything is seamless, there's nothing to disrupt this immersive experience. Being a part of this wedding at the Teatros Opera House isn't just attending an event; it's a an enchanting journey, a harmonious blend of luxury, intimacy, and a charm that's uniquely, unabashedly Rachel and Aaron's.

Bold and Beautiful Wedding Flower, Cute Wedding Couple

Teatros Wedding Cake with bold and beautiful flowers

Bold, Beautiful Wedding Flower

Despite the snow, this happy couple's spirits were not dampened in the slightest. Being from Kimberly, BC, they were at home in the winter wonderland. And we just love how they included their furry friends in the celebrations and adorned them with adorable floral collars.

Bride and Groom Kissing- dogs are invited to the ceremony

Detailed shot of the Bridal Bouquet- bold and Beautiful: Garden roses, delphinium, ixia, ranunculus, native grasses

Rachel had only a couple of requests for her wedding flowers. She loved David Austin Garden Roses and adored the idea of many colours incorporated into the day with electric blue being an essential addition to her colour palette. However, in our experience, a little hint of blue is all that is needed. As a result, her bouquet was abundant and lush with an array of stunning garden blooms. Peony, Garden Roses, Ranunculus, Ixia, Veronica, Muscari, Anemones and Delphinium were a few of the flowers highlighted in this fabulous bouquet.

Season: Winter/ Spring


Photography: Chelsea Boyd Gibson at Meadowsweet Photography, @meadowsweetphotography


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