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Ski Slope I Do's: A Revelstoke Mountain Adventure Wedding Tale

Sophie and Tarn, Valentine's Day 2023 Micro Wedding

Experience the ultimate mountain adventure wedding at Revelstoke Mountain Resort! Each year, the resort hosts a romantic Valentine's Day Event where couples exchange vows atop the stunning Revelation Gondola, surrounded by snow-capped peaks and endless skies. This complimentary wedding package includes a Marriage Commissioner, sparkling wine, and cupcakes to celebrate your love. In 2023, Sophia and Tarn were one of 21 couples who tied the knot in this magnificent setting. The following year, 23 more couples followed suit, creating a unique celebration of enduring love against the majestic mountain backdrop. It's the perfect setting for couples with an adventurous spirit seeking a special way to express their love. Discover the enchanting love story of Sophia and Tarn, who embraced the beauty of Revelstoke for their special day. Let your love story unfold amidst the natural wonders of British Columbia—a tale of commitment and adventure waiting to be told.

Wedding Ski Party at Revelstoke Mountain Resort Ski Hill

A certain kind of magic sets in when two hearts decide to weather life's peaks and valleys together. Now, picture your love story against the grandeur of snow-draped peaks and the whispering pines of Revelstoke. Today, we unravel the awe-inspiring tale of Sophia and Tarn, who chose the path less trodden to celebrate their love in a way that's as audacious and spirited as their love for the outdoors. Yours to Read is a story of commitment, warmth, and exhilaration set in the pristine mountains of British Columbia—engaging not just for adventure seekers but for any couple yearning to craft a wedding as unique as their love.

Kissing on Top of the World


The Backdrop to Forever

Sophia and Tarn knew from the start that their 'I do' moment had to be something extraordinary, an event transcending traditional ceremonies to speak to their shared passions. Nestled in the heart of the magnificent Selkirk and Monashee mountain ranges, Revelstoke offers a marriage of adventure and romance, where every snowflake has a story to tell.


Hearts United in Nature's Cathedral

It was a bright Valentine's Day morning when Sophia, her white cowboy boots stepping lightly, and her hair adorned with a floral crown purchased through our À la carte Wedding Flower Menu and Tarn, donning a playfully brown knit toque and stylish bolo tie, exchanged vows atop Revelstoke Mountain Resort. The sun-kissed peaks bore witness to promises made, to love and hold, in sickness and in health, in powder days and bluebird skies. Here, amidst the untamed beauty of nature, romance redefined itself; with every breeze that brushed past, love's commitment echoed, love's eternity felt.

Adventure Beyond Measure

Post-ceremony, the real adventure unfolded. Their bridal party traded lace for gortex, flowers for snow, and the customary celebratory waltz for the exuberance of a downhill ski. Down they glided, the mountains their towering witnesses. There's nothing quite like skiing with a bridal bouquet in hand, each petal a testimony to love's resilience, each turn a joyous twist in love's unpredictable descent into the unknown, and Sophie did it with a grace like no other!

Capturing Adventure Wedding Moments with Filex Gerz

Behind every stunning image from Sophia and Tarn's extraordinary wedding day was Filex Gerz, a photographer renowned for his ability to encapsulate the essence of every moment. With a keen eye for the unspoken and the spectacular, Filex's work on this day went beyond mere photography—it was about storytelling. Each snapshot by Filex is a pane into the soul of this memorable day, portraying not just the beauty of Revelstoke's landscape but the palpable emotions of love, adventure, and joy that filled the air. His photographs are a testament to the couple's unique bond and the majestic ambiance of their chosen venue. Filex's ability to blend the breathtaking scenery with the intimate moments of the day resulted in epic images that Sophia, Tarn, and their loved ones will treasure for a lifetime. His work truly captured the spirit of what it means to have a mountain adventure wedding, making every photo a doorway to the extraordinary experiences shared on this unique Valentine's Day.

Crafting Memories in the Mountain's Heart

From the embroidered symbolism in their ski gloves, the extraordinary that is a bride's toque, and a groom's woven heart in his socks to the stories laced within each guest's adventure, Sophia and Tarn's mountain rendezvous wasn't just a wedding; it was weaving a tapestry of the unexpected and the extraordinary. They etched their love story deep into the contours of Revelstoke, marking it with laughter, tears, and the courage to say 'I choose you' with each gliding turn down the mountain.


Your Own Tale Awaits

Adventure seekers, enamoured couples, and those who dare to dream—Revelstoke stands as a testament, a promise that your love story can echo with the same endurance and thrill. If your heart beats with the rhythm of the wild, what better script for your wedding than amid the untamed glory of nature?

In closing, we invite you to lean into your hearts and consider the untapped potential of your love story set against the cascading mountains of Revelstoke. A tailored wedding, woven with the threads of your unique love, awaits. For those who wish to find grandeur in their 'I do,' to wake up to the views only the mountains can offer, come—Revelstoke beckons and your adventure begins here.

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Dream Team:

Photographer:  Filix Gerz  Explore in Creation 

Grooms Skis: K2 @K2.skis

Brides Skis: Moment Bella Skis

Brides Ski Boots: K2


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