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The Lake House Calgary: A Fairytale Wedding Unveiled

Stella & Troy's Storybook Wedding: August 1, 2020

Discover the enchanting love story of Stella and Troy at their magical Lakehouse Calgary Wedding on August 1st, 2020. This real-life fairy tale wedding perfectly blended romance and elegance, capturing hearts and souls with its stunning details. From the beautiful floral arrangements to the captivating music and the overall luminous ambiance, every aspect of their Lakehouse wedding experience was like a scene straight out of a storybook. Dive into the details of this unforgettable day and get inspired by the magic of their beautiful wedding at The Lakehouse in Calgary.


Love's Symphonic Start: A Life in a Day

Stella and Troy's love story is a beautiful example of how true love unfolds, much like the crescendo of a captivating symphony. Their relationship started with a memorable first date that lasted six hours, marking the beginning of their journey together. "Our first date unexpectedly turned into a six-hour adventure, moving from one restaurant to another, enjoying wine and cheese until one in the morning," Stella shared with a laugh. This unforgettable night laid the foundation for their deep connection and affection.

Troy's romantic proposal marked a significant milestone as their relationship blossomed, symbolizing the depth of their love and commitment to each other. Stella expressed, "It felt like a whirlwind, but I couldn't imagine embarking on this journey with anyone but Troy."

The birth of their daughter, Sophia Grace, brought new meaning to their lives, symbolizing the crescendo of their love story. Troy reflected on the transformation, noting, "Becoming parents opened our eyes and hearts to a whole new level of love and gratitude." Stella's experience as a mother deepened their bond and anchored their family during life's challenges.

This heartwarming story of Stella and Troy's journey from a spontaneous six-hour date to building a family together illustrates the power of love, commitment, and the joys of parenthood. Their tale is a testament to the idea that true love can flourish into a beautiful, enduring partnership.


Weathering the Storm: A Wedding Amidst the Pandemic

COVID-19 dramatically changed how we celebrate major life events, including weddings. Stella and Troy had planned a grand wedding with over 200 guests, but the pandemic forced them to rethink their plans. They ended up hosting an intimate wedding at the Lakehouse on Lake Bonavista, a venue that symbolized resilience and the power of love during challenging times. The smaller guest list made decision-making easier and the day more special, focusing on the celebration of love with fifty close friends and family.

Stella reflects on the experience positively, noting that the restrictions led to a more tailored and meaningful celebration. This story highlights how intimate weddings can still capture the essence of a couple's love, even amid a global pandemic. The Lakehouse on Lake Bonavista stands out as an ideal venue for those looking to celebrate their love in a more personal and memorable way.

A Palette of Emotion: The Essence of Elegance

Stella's wedding day at the enchanting Lake House venue was a fairy tale that came to life, characterized by a harmonious blend of soft pinks and creamy hues that adorned her surroundings. The event was a testament to the power of floral design, with every petal and linen intertwining gracefully to create an ambiance that captivated hearts and stirred souls. The highlight of this magical day was the ceremony site, featuring the famous Lakehouse fireplace, an iconic location for a stunning floral installation that left guests in awe.

The Lakehouse, known for its ecological beauty and grand fireplace, was the perfect backdrop for the wedding ceremony. Floral installations cascaded down its mantel, creating a breathtaking scene that seemed like nature had blessed the day. This wasn't just any event; it was an enchanted day where the beauty of the venue and the floral arrangements came together to create something truly spectacular.

For Stella, one of the most memorable moments was the reveal of the ceremony site and the breathtaking beauty of the floral arrangements. The Lakehouse fireplace, dripping with lush and abundant florals, provided a natural and show-stopping backdrop for the occasion. Guests were immersed in the splendour of the venue, experiencing the charm and magic of the day.

The wedding was designed to resemble a fairy tale, and it certainly did. The Lake House's incredible views and attention to detail made everything even more special. Despite Stella's initial disappointment at not being able to include peonies from her garden in her bridal bouquet due to their seasonality, Elli, the owner of Small Flower, surprised her with a few precious peony blooms from a local grower's garden. As a result, Stella's bouquet was composed entirely of local flowers from Alberta and British Columbia, adding a personal and sustainable touch to her wedding.

Flowers played a central role in the ceremony, lining the aisle and drawing guests' eyes to where the couple exchanged their vows. These same flowers were later repurposed to adorn the dinner tables, creating a cohesive and visually stunning floral theme throughout the event.

This fairy-tale wedding at the Lake House not only showcased the beauty of sustainable and locally sourced floral arrangements but also highlighted the importance of choosing the right venue and design elements to create a memorable and enchanted wedding day.


The Rise of La Dolce Vita: The Fine Details: the Lake House Calgary Wedding

The wedding was more than just a display of elegance; it celebrated love and life's finer moments. The enchanting music from harpist Gianetta Baril filled the air, creating a seamless flow of emotions. Guests were treated to custom chocolates from Epiphanie Chocolate, symbolizing the sweet connection between the couple and inviting everyone to share in their joy. The mix of floral scents and candle aromas set a romantic atmosphere, perfectly capturing the essence of the event. As the couple walked down the aisle, they symbolized the perfect blend of strength and harmony, much like nature. This unforgettable day was a beautiful reminder of the depth and beauty of love.

The Lens of Timelessness: Capturing Eternal Moments

The Toths, professional photographers, captured timeless still images that spoke volumes of fleeting moments. Their expertise in turning the ethereal into the tangible made their photography stand out. With each shot, they could freeze time, turning every photograph into a story filled with emotion.

Their work at the Lakehouse showcased their ability to bring life to any scene. Through their lens, the Lakehouse's elegance was transformed into a symbol of fleeting beauty, making it an iconic subject in photography. The Toths' photography is a perfect example of how powerful imagery can capture the essence of time and emotion, making every picture a universe of feelings.

The Toths have created a compelling anthology of life in motion by blending their unique storytelling approach with their photographic skills. Their work is a testament to the power of photography to preserve moments forever, making them an essential choice for anyone looking to capture the essence of their special moments.

The Lakehouse Fireplace Floral Installation


Nourishment for the Soul: A Feast for the Eyes and Palate

Nestled in the heart of a joyous celebration, the Lakehouse boasts serene and sublime lake views that add to its rustic charm. Guests at Lake Bonavista are captivated by the tranquil waters, creating a picturesque setting for events and festivities.

The Lakehouse stands out for its stunning views and impressive wine selection, which were carefully chosen to complement Chef Thomas Neukom's exquisite culinary creations. Known for his culinary artistry, Chef Neukom uses fresh, local ingredients to craft dishes that feast for the senses, offering guests an unforgettable dining experience. His menu celebrates life and love, aiming to touch the soul with every bite.

As the sun sets over the lake, the rustic elegance of the venue, highlighted by antler chandeliers, creates an idyllic atmosphere for dining. This unique lighting enhances the venue's warm and inviting ambiance, perfectly complementing the day's events. The Lakehouse provides an ideal blend of nature and sophistication, making it more than just a dining spot—it's a place where memories are made and cherished long after the evening ends.

The Lake House at Lake Bonavista is the perfect destination for those seeking a blend of natural beauty, culinary excellence, and rustic elegance. Whether celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying a meal, the Lakehouse offers a memorable experience that touches the heart and soul and is an exceptional venue for an intimate wedding.


Culinary Elegance: A Tapestry of Taste and Tradition

The attention to detail at Stella and Troy's wedding transformed the dining experience into a memorable highlight. Understanding that the essence of festivity lies in food selection and presentation, the planners chose Indy Bee Crafts for their exquisitely designed lace dinner menus. These menus, blending tradition with a modern twist, set the stage for the culinary adventure curated by the chef at The Lake House.

To complement the elegance of the menus, the table was set with stunning cream baroque Italian dinnerware from Modern Rental. This choice not only added a layer of sophistication but also paid homage to the rich tradition of Italian craftsmanship. The addition of raw linen napkins introduced a rustic elegance, perfectly balancing the ornate dinnerware and creating a cohesive tablescape that echoed the wedding's warmth and authenticity.

Each element, from the artfully crafted menus to the exquisite dinnerware, was chosen for its functionality and ability to tell a story. This careful curation enhanced the dining experience, anchoring the evening in timeless elegance and setting the scene for lasting memories. The blend of traditional and contemporary, the meticulous attention to detail, and the celebration of craftsmanship made Stella and Troy's wedding dining experience unforgettable. This narrative captures the essence of a well-planned wedding celebration. It inspires those planning their special day, emphasizing the importance of detail in creating an event that resonates with elegance and authenticity.

Custom Chocolate by Ephiphony

The Lens of Timelessness: Capturing Eternal Moments

The still pictures were eternal whispers of a fleeting day. The Toths, purveyors of moments, crafted the ethereal into the tangible. Their lens became a storyteller, and their films an anthology of motion. Each click was a second held in perpetuity, and each frame contained a universe of emotion.

The Lakehouse, a silent canvas, was animated by the lens. Its elegance, a subject to The Toths’ camera, became an icon of temporality; an alluring oxymoron. In this confluence of mediums, the eternal drank from the chalice of vitality.


Lighting the Path: Stella's Pearls of Wisdom on Teamwork and Triumph

Stella shared valuable advice that lit up the room as the day ended. Her guidance, essential for success, was like a beacon, guiding others towards their goals. "Start with the right help," she emphasized, highlighting the importance of a strong team. Her advice was crucial, like a foundation before a bloom.

"Choose a trustworthy team," she added, her advice becoming more powerful, hinting at a successful future. Their determination and ability to overcome challenges showed they were ready to achieve their dreams.


In Retrospection: A Tapestry of Gratitude

The symphony's final note lingered, timeless and true, as Stella and Troy shared a moment of gratitude, reflecting on their unique wedding day at The Lakehouse Calgary, a venue that transcended the ordinary. "It was so special and intimate," Stella observed. "Instead of rushing to connect with over 200 guests, we could focus on us."

Their wedding day was a sanctuary of love, a testament to dreams shared in a setting that felt like a chapel adorned in the fabric of love. Hand in hand, they gazed into the future, knowing their story was eternal, woven into the fabric of time, a symbol of enduring love.

The Lake House Calgary stood out as a wedding venue and a canvas celebrating love, an invitation to dream. Within its walls, Stella and Troy's love story turned into a saga of 'happily ever after,' whispered through time and cherished by all who witnessed it.

Decore & Rentals: @modernrentalsweddings

Stationary: @indybeecrafts

Wedding Gown: @thebridalboutiqueyyc

Bridesmaids' dresses: @nordstromcanada

Groom's AttirGroom’sBridesmaids’smen: @thebridalcentre

Wedding ring: @austensok

Jewelry/Accessories: @crystalcorridorjewelry

Transportation: @calgarycitylimo


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