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FAQ: How our À la Carte Wedding Work

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Q: What are the most sought-after items on your a la carte wedding flower menu?


A: Our brides and grooms love our selection of Bridal Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Corsages, and Centerpieces. Each piece is crafted with love to add that special touch to your big day.

Q: How do I order from the a la carte wedding flower menu?


A: Ordering your wedding flowers is a breeze! Just select your desired price point and colour palette, and provide us with the delivery date or pick-up time. Our team will handle the rest, ensuring every petal is in place for your special day.

Q: Can I personalize my order from the a la carte menu?


A: Absolutely! Tailor your order to suit your unique taste by choosing from our price points: Mini, Petite, Classic, Deluxe, or Opulent. Each option is a pathway to creating an arrangement that's distinctly yours.  We are not able to guarentee specific varieties that will be used for your wedding, but we do work with your choosen colour palette as well as will use any photos you send to us to help guide us with the overall aesthetic you are drawn to.

Q: Could you explain the pricing for various customization options?


We pride ourselves on creating bespoke arrangements that align with your budget and vision. Our pricing is as unique as our designs, focusing on giving you tailored floral elegance without the 'cookie-cutter' approach.

We have intentionally not listed a "size" because there are way too many variables in the bouquet's size. The size and price of each individual flower may vary greatly. One example of this is an alstroemeria flower, which can take up a lot of space and make a bouquet larger for the same value as a muscari stem, which, in comparison, is a tiny little flower. Flowers also change in price seasonally so having a standard size is impossible to predict. We guarantee that your bouquet will be filled to value, no matter what price point you choose. A Classic bouquet is a typical " average" arrangement, Deluxe will be a little bit more, and Opulent will give the wow factor you may be looking for

Finding the perfect size for your bouquet can be tricky. With so many variables in play and different flower sizes and prices, providing a standard size is impossible. For instance, alstroemeria flowers occupy more space and can make a bouquet bigger than smaller muscari stems. Additionally, flower prices can change with the seasons, making it even harder to predict a standard size.

However, we want to assure you that no matter your chosen price, your bouquet will always be filled to value. Our Classic bouquet is an excellent option for an average arrangement, while our Deluxe option offers something extra. And if you're looking for that wow factor, our Opulent bouquet is sure to impress.

Trust us to create a beautiful arrangement that perfectly suits your needs.

Ordering Process

Customization Options

Pricing Details

Delivery Options

Q: What delivery options do you offer for wedding flowers?


A: Convenience is vital on your wedding day. Choose to deliver your flowers directly to your venue or pick them up at our studio. Either way, your flowers will arrive looking fresh and fabulous.

Q: What if I have multiple pieces being delivered to one location? Is the price of the delivery the same?

A: When multiple pieces are being delivered to one location, we have to charge more than if it were a single piece.  At checkout use the dropbox and choose the multi piece delivery option and the price will be accounted for at check out.

Q: Aside from the basics, are additional wedding arrangements services available?

A: Definitely! Enrich your ceremony with our extensive options, including altar pieces, ground meadow pieces, and decorative florals for arches or arbours. We have a multitude of choices to make your day even more magical.


Our passionate team at Small Flower is here to help make your wedding day as beautiful and stress-free as possible. Feel free to reach out with any other questions or to start designing the floral details of your dreams!

Which locations do you service?

We're located in Calgary, AB, and cater to the surrounding areas, including the majestic Rocky Mountains and our amazing Foothills.  If your wedding is outside of Calgary City limits you may want to check in with us to discuss the delivery fee or consider arranging to have the flowers picked up at our studio!

Additional Services

Come explore all the options available in our À la Carte Wedding Menu .

How does the Booking  Process Work?

When is the right time to book my À la Carte Wedding flowers?

As early as possible but you want to give a minimum of 5 weeks to ensure we have adequate flower to fill your order.  If your wedding in less than 5 weeks away we would recommend giving us a quick call at our studio to see if we have the capacity to meet your needs.

How do I order my À la Carte Wedding Flower?

It's as easy as 1-2-3

Simply choose your desired price point and colour palette, and let our expert hands weave them into our signature garden style design.  Then choose your date for delivery or pick up at our studio.


And the best part? Booking online is a breeze! Sit back, relax, and let us create the dreamy floral vibe for your special day. Stress-free, fabulous, and in-season flowers will be all yours. We'll create wedding blooms that perfectly align with your vision. Our expertise combined with your inspiration will result in something truly extraordinary! Feel free to share your Pinterest board or photo inspiration with us by email While we'll draw inspiration from them, we'll ensure that your arrangements are one-of-a-kind.

More Questions?

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Sheri S

"My bouquet & boutonnière from Small Flower were absolutely perfect for my wedding ceremony on a very frozen Lake Louise in January 2024. This was an elopement so we were looking for a simple yet beautiful option for our day. Small Flower was perfect for this because we didn’t have to fill out forms or have to schedule meetings to book our flowers. Most floral websites I browsed wasted a lot of my time as they are designed for weddings as opposed to elopements. Small Flower caters to both. Thanks so much to Elli @ Small Flower for making the process headache-free and creating a lovely arrangement! Highly recommended."


Anna-Maria H.

"Amazing quality and service!! I loved the bouquet Elli put together for my wedding! 💞"

Taesagh M.

"Elli took on the task of creating our wedding flowers, including boutonnières, bridal bouquets, and centrepieces that could be attached to our ceremony arch. Elli was efficient, knowledgeable, and professional during our consult and provided various options to fit our budget. She was able to understand my wedding vision and the pieces she supplied were genuine works of art! Elli used a combination of flowers that created a unique and whimsical look to our entire day - exactly what we were hoping for!"

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