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"As we nurture and care for plants, we learn to slow down and care for our own souls." 

Welcome to your Calgary Plant deliverey service

Explore a paradise of fabulous plants at Small Flower {floral studio}, you local plant store in Calgary! Elevate the ambiance of your home or office with our diverse and exquisite selection of botanical wonders. Step into our welcoming studio nestled in Vista Heights and immerse yourself in the lush and vibrant world of tropical beauty. Discover the perfect green companions to brighten up your space and bring a touch of nature indoors.  A paradise for plant lovers. Visit by appointment only or arrange your YYC Plant Delivery today Call ahead to check our studio's availability or place your order online for same-day Calgary Delivery.

4 inch assorted alocasia plants

4" Assorted Alocasia Plant


Cuteness overload! These sweet Kalanchoe plants would love to go home with you.
It comes in a black growers pot, but we have a variety of decorative pots to choose from. The ones in the picture are an additional $17.50, but if you go to our giftware section, we have more to choose from.


Te Feti-The Green Goddess

Introducing Te Fiti Philodendron Goddess, Disney’s own Green Goddess! Perfect for the natural-born nurturer in your life. This plant may be small, but they’re mighty and make a beautiful addition to any home or garden. For those looking to add a subtle touch of nature’s beauty without too much effort, this Philodendron Cordatum Brazil is an ideal choice that will last just as long as your love and admiration. Celebrate the goddess within with this magical plant – why not give your special someone something that truly shows how much you care? And speak of green goddesses - this plant doesn’t need much maintenance and only requires occasional water and sunlight (just like many of us). Get your Te Fiti Philodendron Goddess today for yourself or that special someone and start celebrating nature everyday!

Green Goddess Plant
9 inch Split leaf philodendron

9" Split Leaf Philodendron

This plant has the recognizable heart-shaped leaves of a Philodendron with the dramatic split of a Monstera. A must-have for your indoor garden.  The Split Leaf Philodendron is a showy easy-to-care-for plant that grows prolifically.

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