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Small Flower {floral studio}

Your Calgary, Alberta Florist


Sharing Hope, Healing and Beauty to the World with Love through the Power of every

Welcome to Small Flower, a boutique Calgary, Alberta florist. As a woman-owned, family-operated business, we specialize in creating rambling, romantic floral arrangements that capture the heart and soul of every occasion. Our selection of blooms is carefully curated to ensure every bouquet, arrangement, or potted plant we deliver across Calgary brings joy and beauty into your life.


Whether you're celebrating a special birthday, planning your dream wedding, or sending a heartfelt message of support during tough times, Small Flower is here to convey your emotions through the universal language of flowers. Our belief is strong: a single Small Flower, chosen and arranged with love, has the power to mend a broken heart, express love beyond words, and instill hope in the most challenging times. Flowers can illuminate the darkest moments and bring smiles to faces, and we've witnessed this truth firsthand.

At Small Flower, we embrace the core value of finding beauty in the smallest things. Our daily encounters with flowers remind us to appreciate life's fleeting moments, to stay present, and to cherish the beauty that surrounds us. Our floral studio in Vista Heights, Calgary, is a source of constant inspiration. With a breathtaking mountain view and our mini tropical paradise (yes, we're a bit obsessed with plants!), our space is designed to inspire.


We're more than just a floral studio; we're a community of flower lovers, constantly seeking out the finest blooms from local growers (another one of our obsessions). While we adore visitors, we recommend calling ahead in case we're out sourcing the perfect flowers for our next creation.


No matter where you are in Calgary, Small Flower is dedicated to bringing hope, healing, and timeless beauty into your life through our Whimsical . Wild . Timeless  floral designs. Let us help you make every moment special with the perfect flower arrangement.


Owner Elli of Small Flower {floral studio}

Meet the Owner


Floral designer Elli Jespersen launched Small Flower {floral studio} as an opportunity to pursue her life's purpose: Using her heart and hands to offer hope, healing and beauty to the world through the power of each Small Flower. With Elli's passion for each flower and knowledge of their lasting impact to making the world a better place, she set out on a mission to find connections with others.


What started as a brick-and-mortar space has evolved into a boutique floral studio focusing on unique and heirloom blooms with a passion for supporting our local growers when the season allows. Elli laid a foundation to make Small Flower a one-of-a-kind and exceptional space.

What We Believe

The Small Flower team is a close-knit family of artists passionate about flowers and making dreams come true. We are an affectionate brew of misfits who strive to give exceptional care and attention to everything we touch. We believe in caring for our planet as well as each other. We regularly stop and take time to hug each other on the regular. We genuinely care for each other and work to build each other up to be the best we can be. Flowering together makes us happy, and we love what we do!

While every day looks different in Small Flower,  our team always:


Care for People, the Planet, Petals & Plants

Our commitment to making a difference shines through in everything we do. At the heart of our mission is a desire to infuse your life with light, beauty, and warmth. We go beyond typical transactions to foster connections that reflect our profound appreciation for people, flowers, plants, and our deep love for nature and the planet. We practice sustainable floristry, and treading lightly on our planet

Sustainability isn't just a buzzword for us—it is a commitment. We cherish our partnership with local Calgary and area farmers when the season allows. This partnership allows us to bring fresh flowers that breathe life into your spaces and empower the community we hold dear. Our team’s artistic touch turns these locally sourced treasures into vibrant testimonies of nature's endless charm.


Whether you're celebrating a special milestone with a floral arrangement or choosing flowers to brighten any day, we are dedicated to providing thoughtful and meticulous care at every step of this enchanting journey. Our goal is to demonstrate how love can make everything flourish.


We specialize in creating memorable experiences with our unique flower arrangements and plant selections, designed to lift spirits and celebrate life's moments. Let us show you the transformative power of love and nature.

 Manifest Magic

We infuse life with beauty, optimism, and joy, complemented by heartfelt gratitude and a plethora of stunning flowers. Our magical blooms are carefully sourced from a dedicated network of women-owned local flower farms, alongside a handpicked selection of flower distributors. At the heart of our philosophy is the belief that with love, attention, and care, the magic of flowers can truly be manifested. Discover the enchanting world of floral beauty with us, where every bloom tells a story of magic and wonder.

Pretty spring flowers
spring bouquet with hyacinth, tulips and lisianthus
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