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Floral Subscription & Small Flower Club

Floral Subscription in Calgary

Hello! Are you a flower lover? You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t! As all flower lovers know, flowers make the best gifts, are the sweetest form of self-care, and add that magic little something to any space. That’s why we started our Small Flower Club! A place for you to get flowers on the regular and with a discount (our way of rewarding such grand behaviour)!

Watch our video to find out more about Small Flower floral supscriptions! 

How it Works

pretty flowers on the regular:  Floral Subscription

Choose your Frequency

Pick from weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly (every 12 weeks) to have your blooms ready for you. 

4 order minimum


Choose your Flowers

Customize your blooms- choose your size, wrap/ vase, & prefered colour pallete or let us choose for you.

Small Flower {floral studio}

Choose Pickup or Delivery

Pick up on a day & time that works for us both or let your blooms arrive straight to your home or office door!

Pretty Plat Subscription

Plant Subscription

European Hand-tied Floral Subscription

Wrapped Cut Flowers
Mini, Petite, Classic, Deluxe, Opulent

Vase arrangement floral subscription

Flowers in a Vase

Mini, Petite, Classic, Deluxe, Opulent

In a vase
Mini, Petite, Classic, Deluxe, Opulent

Being a part of the Small Flower Club Family comes with benifits

Ease! Set up your subscription, & let us take care of the rest.

15%​ off your recurring flower order - every time!

10%​ off any additional flower order - wanna send an arrangement for your friend’s birthday? Get 10% off  Or, sign them up for a subscription ;) Just sayin’

10%​ off  all other containers, cards, dried flowers and more!

10%​ off workshops, events, parties, etc.

Insider access to new products, free samples, and extra discounts. Provide us with your email so we can send you your access code

How to

Manage your Floral Subscription

To order your subscription, choose your frequency, size and colour palette and add your selection to your cart.

You will be directed to our checkout process, where you can create an account. Once you create a password associated with your email, you’ll be able to update your card info and shipping info and cancel your subscription at any time once the minimum of 4 orders has been met.


Please email us at  if you have any questions about your recurring orders.
We’ll be happy to help!

"My 1 year old was obsessed with flowers & we thought it would be nice to add some color to the house while the snow was still flying. I searched online for a local flower shop that did subscriptions & Small Flower was an excellent choice. I chose the Petite bouquet with the 'surprise me' option as I wanted the leave the creativity up to the professional, which did not disappoint!
Pretty Whimsical . Wild . Timeless . Flower

FAQ about Floral Subscriptions

Q:  How many stems I my Bouquet to be?

A:  To maintain flexibility in our offerings and adapt to changing flower prices and availability, we intentionally do not specify the exact number of stems in each price point. The contents may vary weekly, ranging from a single mini cymbidium stem in a $30 mini to up to 6 stems, and a $40 option may include 2-3 additional stems based on flower selection. We aim to introduce a diverse range of flowers each week to keep it fresh. A mini or petite arrangement is a simple gesture meant to brighten someone's day, and would be suitable for a bedside table or small desk arrangement. The Classic ($60) represents the average bouquet our clients enjoy, while the Deluxe ($80) offers a slightly larger arrangement featuring some of our luxurious blooms. For an opulent option ($100), you can expect a truly fabulous bouquet.

Q: Is there a minimum commitment required to sign up for a subscription?

A: Yes. We ask that you try it for a minimum of  4 X,  and if you don't love it, you can cancel.

Q:​ Am I able to set up a subscription as a gift?

A:​ Yes! Subscriptions make awesome gifts! You can set one up for delivery so the recipient receives their flowers right to their door or for pick up if that is easier.

Q:​ Can I change my selected day of the week?

A: ​In short, Yes.  You have the ability to manage your Subscription when you set up an account in our POS.  This way, you are able to manage and control any necessary changes you have.  Alternatively, you can send us an email to 72 hours prior to your date change. *Please note that scheduling changes are accommodated infrequently. Changes every week are not permitted.

Q:​ Can I change my colour palette?

A:​ Yes! A colour palette change can also be managed from your account or a request email must be sent to  72 hours before your next scheduled flower shipment.

Q:​ Can I skip an order?

A:​ Yes! You are able to cancel or pause your subscription through your online account, or an email must be sent to 72 hours before your scheduled flower shipment.

Q: If my order is for Pickup, can I pick it up anytime between 9-5 Monday- Friday or Saturday 10-1 PM? 

A:​ We ask that you work with us to find a time that works best.  Being a studio space, we are not always on location, so calling in advance or setting up a time with us prior to coming in is always advised.

Q:​ What happens if I miss my subscription pick-up?

A:​ We notify you by phone of a missed pick-up and will hold your flowers in our flower fridge for 48 hours. After 48 hours, your order will be forfeited.

Q:​ What happens if I am not home to receive my flower subscription?

A:​ We will call the recipient in advance of the delivery.  Our delivery service sends a text message informing the client of an ETA..  During the winter months, we need to know if someone will be home to receive the flowers shipment or if a neighbour can receive the shipment. If no one answers, we will leave a message and ask you to call us back.  If we cannot deliver your flowers, they will be returned to our shop. You then have the option to pick them up or pay for redelivery.

Q:​ How do I cancel my subscription?

A: ​A cancellation email must be sent to 72 hours before your next floral shipment, or you can manage your end date from your online account.

Are you looking for a way to have your floral subscription tailored around your specific likes and dislikes?  We encourage you to sign up for our floral registry.  Are you gifting a subscription to friend of family member?  Share this link with them today.

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