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FAQ: for Your Full-Service Wedding Florist  

Welcome to Small Flower {floral studio}, where your floral dreams for the big day become a stunning reality! We understand that planning a wedding comes with a set of questions, especially when it comes to creating the perfect ambiance with florals and styling. Our team is here to provide the guidance and support you need to make your day truly special.

Below are some of the most common inquiries we've received from couples just like you. Should you have any further questions, feel free to reach out via our E-MAIL, and we promise to get back to you within 48 hours.

What are the Services Offered?

Do you have a minimum spend for your weddings flowers?


We are thrilled to host weddings of various sizes, yet we focus on a select number of full-service weddings annually. We take a maximum of 25 Full-Service Wedding per year. This approach guarantees dedicated attention to make each celebration truly exceptional and unforgettable., allocating the time and attention you deserve for your full-service wedding day.  For smaller wedding we offer our à la carte wedding menu to accommodate your smaller wedding request.

Are your wedding services package-based or customized?

We create bespoke floral pieces for all our Weddings. Each wedding is as unique as your love story. We do not offer standard packages because, in our eyes, no two weddings should ever be the same.

Do you offer wedding styling services?

Absolutely! We offer comprehensive styling and floral services to bring a cohesive look to your wedding that speaks to your personal style.

Which locations do you service?

From Calgary's urban charm to the breathtaking backdrops of the Rockies, we cater to a wide range of locales within Alberta. Are you dreaming of saying 'I do' elsewhere? Talk to us—we love to travel to make your floral dreams come true!

What does being a full-service florist entail?


Being a full-service florist means we handle all things floral, from design concepts to implementation, ensuring your wedding styling is flawless. Including delivery and set up, and can even arrange for the strike at the end of your celebration

Do you provide stationery & signage?

While we don't offer this service directly, we're partnered with outstanding vendors that we'd happily recommend..

Do you offer wedding styling services?

Absolutely! We offer comprehensive styling and floral services to bring a cohesive look to your wedding that speaks to your personal style.

Which locations do you service?

We're located in Calgary, AB, and cater to the surrounding areas, including the majestic Rocky Mountains and our amazing Foothills.   Are you dreaming of a destination wedding elsewhere? We'd love to hear about it!

Pricing & Selection

Why are wedding flowers so expensive?

Our skilled team specializes in creating dream weddings with unmatched craftsmanship and quality. With extensive experience, innovative designs, and a commitment to excellence, we transform your wedding vision into reality. Our premium services reflect our dedication to providing the very best for your special day. Choose us for an extraordinary wedding experience that meets your highest standards.

Can you provide a price estimate for your services?

We understand the importance of budgeting for a wedding and are happy to discuss pricing with you. However, our prices vary depending on several factors such as size, location, and complexity of your event.  If you are needing a place to start we recommend taking a look at Wedding Budget Planner to give you some ideas of what you could expect

What types of flowers do you use?

Discover our curated selection of stunning seasonal and premium flowers, carefully chosen from both local growers and international sources, to make your wedding floral arrangements truly spectacular and tailored to your unique vision. Our commitment to quality and personalization ensures that your special day is adorned with the most beautiful and fresh blooms available.

Do you carry rental items?

As a boutique studio, we specialize in unique offerings and have partnered with leading rental companies to help you find exactly what you need. Our network makes it easy to find the perfect pieces. Count on us for top rental solutions.

"Small Flower transformed our wedding with incredible blooms that captured our vision perfectly. The attention to detail was astonishing! We can't recommend Elli and her team enough!" - Julie D.


Booking Process

When is the right time to book a Wedding Consultation?

Before our meeting, it's important that you've selected your wedding date, chosen a venue, have a concept of your wedding dress style, and a color scheme in mind. Additionally, knowing your estimated guest count and providing some inspirational images will help us grasp your vision. This preparation ensures we can tailor our wedding planning services to perfectly match your dreams.  If you are unsure of a colour palette we are able to help guide you with some options that will fit with your personal style as well as what well lean itself well with your venue.

How do I get started?  What is your Process?

More Questions?

Start your Small Flower journey by completing our Inquiry Form. We believe your wedding blooms should mirror your unique essence as a couple. Share what inspires you and what sets you apart as a couple. Let us know your values and the ambiance you envision for your special day. Share your tale, and we'll craft a customized proposal.  We aim to reply to your Inquiry withing 48 hours.  If you do not hear back from us we ask you to check in to make sure your Inquiry reached us.


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