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Wedding Flower Cost in Calgary

Wedding Flower Budget Planner


Looking for the perfect wedding flower guide in Calgary? Small Flower {floral studio} is here to navigate you through setting the right budget for your dream wedding flowers. We understand the excitement and the overwhelm of being newly engaged, especially when you're unfamiliar with Wedding Flower Costs in Calgary. That's why we've crafted our Wedding Flower Budget Planner to kickstart your floral journey, offering support every step of the way. Here’s a helpful guide for planning your wedding flower budget.


Flexibility is crucial when planning your wedding flower budget. Begin by assessing the importance of fresh flowers for your big day. Are they a focal point or a subtle touch? Consider your venue's needs for additional floral decor or its inherent natural beauty.


As a general guideline, dedicate 10-15% of your overall wedding budget to flowers. For those eyeing a Pinterest-worthy setup, you might want to allocate 18-25%. Typically, couples spend between $3,500-$10,000, but personal tastes can adjust this figure. Your wedding should ultimately reflect your unique style.


Please remember, the possibilities with wedding flowers are vast, leading to various "what ifs" and exceptions. This guide aims to help you navigate through your planning process and identify what fits your budget.


**Budget Ranges for Wedding Flowers in Calgary:**

General Wedding Bouquet Cost:  You can expect your bridal bouquet cost to start at $200.00 for a very simple basic, mono flower bouquet.  Our average bride spends $350-$450.00 on her bridal bouquet.


- **Under $1000**: Ideal for a bridal bouquet, a few bridesmaid bouquets, and groomsmen buttonholes. For smaller weddings, it could cover bouquets, a buttonhole, and a small floral feature.


- **$1500 – $3000**: Covers personal flowers and some reception table decorations like bud vases, or a simple floral arbour at the ceremony.

If you are looking for the most cost effective way to get your flower our À la Carte Wedding Menu may be a great option for your wedding flowers with my minumums and you choose the pieces and price points that work best for you.


- **$3500 – $5000**: Allows for personal flowers and a choice of a ceremony or reception feature element like a floral arbour or guest table styling.


- **$6000 – $10,000**: Generally includes personal flowers, a ceremony floral feature, a reception installation, and table flowers.


- **$10,000 – $15,000**: Offers a wide range of personal flowers, ceremony statement pieces (urn arrangements or an archway), and reception decorations like a hanging feature and table flowers.


It's important to note that weddings are unique, making it challenging to provide specific details for every budget. However, this overview should give you a clear understanding of what to expect within various budget ranges.


Additional items such as flower crowns, cake flowers, and gift table arrangements are available but not listed here for simplicity. We’re happy to explore these options in person.


Labor charges may vary based on venue setup and teardown rules. Additional fees might apply for early or late setup/strike, holidays, and deliveries outside Calgary.


At Small Flower {floral studio}, we're excited to work with couples of any budget, offering no minimum spend requirements and advice on maximizing your venue's floral potential. Let us help make your wedding day as beautiful as you've always imagined.

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