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About Small Flower


Small Flower is a woman-owned, family-run floral studio that boasts a beautiful selection of carefully curated rambling and romantic blooms that we deliver all over our sunny city, Calgary.  Arrangements, cut-wrapped bouquets, and stunning plants potted in unique and novel containers.  So whether you’re celebrating a birthday, planning a wedding, or looking to send support and love to someone during a difficult time, we are motivated by our mission to:

Share hope, healing, and beauty through the power of each & every Small Flower.

We believe that every Small Flower when chosen and arranged with love, can help heal a broken heart, show the love that transcends words, and brings hope when life seems hopeless.  It can brighten a moment and bring smiles to our faces.  We have seen it; we feel it; we know it to be true.

One of our core values at Small Flower is to seek beauty in every small thing.  Flowers are a daily reminder to keep our eyes open to the precious moments that could quickly go unnoticed if we are not attentive.

Our studio space is ever-changing and inspires me every day!  We spend our days with a stunning mountain view in a tropical paradise (I might have a plant obsession :).  We love visitors, but please call in advance in case we are out visiting one of our local growers  (it may be my other obsession :).

Our studio is located in the community of Vista Heights, but no matter what neighbourhood you or your loved ones call home, we hope we can share hope and healing through a bunch of our:

Stunningly Beautiful, Wild & Whimsical Flowers


Meet the Owner

Floral designer Elli Jespersen launched Small Flower {floral studio} as an opportunity to pursue her life's purpose: Using her heart and hands to offer hope, healing and beauty to the world through the power of each Small Flower. With Elli's passion for each Small Flower and knowledge of their lasting impact to making the world a better place, she set out on a mission to find connections with others.


What started as a brick-and-mortar space has evolved into a boutique studio focusing on unique and heirloom blooms with a passion for supporting our local growers when the season allows. Elli laid a foundation to make Small Flower a one-of-a-kind and exceptional space.

What We Believe
The Small Flower team is a close-knit family of artists with a passion for flowers and making dreams come true. We are an affectionate brew of misfits who strive to give exceptional care and attention to everything we touch. We believe in caring for our planet as well as each other. We regularly stop and take time to hug each other on the regular. We genuinely care for each other and work to build each other up to be the best we can be. Flowering together makes us happy, and we love what we do!

While every day looks different in Small Flower, our team always:

Cares for People, Petals & Plants
We create flowers to add beauty to your every day, whether a birth, first date, birthday, wedding, or during a sad or challenging time; we want you to experience all the warmth and love. We are humbled to be able to create artful arrangements for all of your meaningful moments. Whatever the occasion – your graduation party or a random hump day morning flower fix– our team is here to help brighten your day.

Magnifying the Magic
We bring beauty to life with optimism, joy and lots of gratitude. We source magical blooms from our network of woman-owned local flower growers and a select few flower distributors. We use the word "magnify" because we believe that magic will always show up with a bit of love, attention, and care.

whimsical, romantic garden arrangement
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