Welcome to our floral registry


For years we have talked to the recipients of our flowers, flowers chosen by someone in their life, and we asked them, were they the perfect flowers?

To which we sometimes heard, "well... umm... those aren't really my favorite colours." or "I like a different kind of flower" or "they meant well..."

That drove us crazy. We wanted to create flowers for you that were perfect, that made you feel so special. But the people ordering you flowers just didn't know enough about you to help us help you.

So we started to think about how we can help. What if we could create a place where you tell us what your favorite blooms are? What your favorite colours are?  What if we knew your personal style?  We could create the perfect arrangement for you each and every time.

So we decided to create the Floral Registry. A simple set of questions we get you to answer.  We keep your answers on file, and then when someone wants to buy you flowers, they just tell us your name and phone number and we know enough to create something truly amazing for you. You get the flowers you want. The person buying you the flowers gets what they want, which is to get you the flowers you want. We call this a win for both of you.

And a win for us. We believe in the power of every Small Flower to bring beauty and joy into your life, but sometimes we just need to know your favorite flower and the colors that you love.

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