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International Lonely Bouquet Day: Spreading smiles, one flower at a time!

Sunday, June 25 is International Lonely Bouquet Day and Small Flower {floral studio} is excited to be part of this incredibly inspiring project. This is just another way of getting flowers into the hands of people from every walk of life and having them experience the Power of Flowers. The core objective of this initiative is beautifully straightforward: to bring joy to unknown faces, florists and flower enthusiasts worldwide unite for a single day. And how do they achieve this noble purpose? Through the enchanting power of flowers!


This sweet initiative began in Belgium by a sweet Flower Farmer named Emily Avenson of Flueropean who had a simple goal to share her love for flowers with strangers, a simple random act of kindness that was a personal part of her love language.

The project is very simple and such a lovely way to share our own love and passion for the Power of every Small Flower.

If you are a florist or simply a flower lover I encourage you to find a way to get involved in this simple yet impactful project.

How do I participate in the International Lonely Bouquet Day?

  1. Create a bouquet: small or extravagant, and let your creativity bloom. There is no effort is too small…everything from a jar of wildflowers to an artful arrangement, to a lovely cut flower bouquet is the perfect expression to put a smile on a stranger’s face.

  2. Add a tag to each bouquet that reads "Take Me Home" or "Adopt me, please! I’m all alone and looking for a new home… perhaps I can live with you or a loved one? Our flower friends would love to hear from us and find out where we ended up!"

3. We leave these bouquets in random public places throughout the city for a stranger to stumble upon them, adopt these bouquets and give them a home. Spreading the beauty of flowers to a stranger day to add a bit of hope, healing and beauty to the world through the Power of each Small Flower

4. We encourage people to snap a picture so we can continue to follow our little flower bundles on their journeys into someone's life. We ask the receivers to share a photo or quick video of them with their bouquet on a social media channel of their choosing. Facebook, Instagram, X Twitter, YouTube, Tik Tok, or Pinterest

Please tag us in photos or videos to document your experience #powerofonesmallflower #smallflowerlonelybouquet #lonelybouquet #smallflowerinthewild to share your own experience of the power of receiving a lonely bouquet to your day. Sharing the power of flowers seems to have a ripple effect that helps to make the world a better place. We hope that this random act of kindness encourages you to find simple small ways to offer your own unique random act of kindness out into the world and offer your special message of hope and healing to the world that needs your special gift. We hope that people walk away and let the power of these small flowers fuel their day and week and help them know that someone in this world loves and cares about you.


Join in on the fun: Use flowers from your garden or use coupon code SMILE for 25% off at Small Flower {floral studio} to create a special bouquet to give away during this special event each year and spread love and smiles in our community during this special weekend in June.

We will be donating one bouquet for any orders you place between June 18- 25th of each year when you mention this event. So tell your friends to order flowers for themselves or for people they love and mention this event and we will send a Lonely Bouquet to brighten a stranger's day.

We encourage others to join us in the Magic of sharing the Power of Flowers within your community or neighbourhood.

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