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Wreath Making Made Simple: in 4 Easy Steps!

Winter Wreath Making

There's nothing quite as delightful as the sight of a DIY wreath adorning your front door or the aroma of freshly cut evergreens ushering in the holiday season! We want to share our tips on Wreath making so you can experience the satisfaction of designing your own wreath to keep for yourself or to gift to a friend of family member.

If you've been pondering how to make a winter wreath, search no more. Creating a greenery wreath is simpler than you may imagine—and with a touch of creativity, you can transform a basic wreath into a true masterpiece. The method outlined below is suitable for any time of year, allowing you to adjust the elements to suit the seasons of spring, summer, or autumn.

Today, you can finally put an end to the question, "How does one make a wreath?" It's simpler than you might think! All you need are a few essential tools, materials and a flat workspace, oh and some time and patience😉

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Wreath-making is a classic festive craft to elevate your style! The materials can be effortlessly sourced locally, the steps are uncomplicated, and it presents the ideal opportunity to collaborate with a group of friends on a delightful project. With a little patience, some time, and a few readily available items, you can effortlessly complete your winter wreath project.

Wooden Wreath form, winter greens, pine cones, clippers and paddle wire
Supplies Needed To Make Your Wreath

Indulge in the delightful art of wreath making made easy during the holiday season, surrounded by cherished loved ones is sure to become a cherished tradition for years to come. And let's not overlook the enchanting fragrance of freshly snipped boughs! Here's a comprehensive list of materials you'll need to create a stunning winter wreath:

2. Roll of paddle wire (I recommend 22 gauge)

3. Wire cutters

4. Wire wreath frame, grapevine form, wooden frame

5. Moss to fill your wire wreath frame

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Immerse yourself in the joyous tradition of crafting a unique masterpiece that embodies the spirit of the season.

Before you set out to make your wreath, ensure you have a good pair of garden clippers, a roll of paddle wire (I prefer 22 gauge), wire snips (save your garden clippers for botanical products and save your sharp blade) and a wire wreath frame.

The wreath featured in this post uses a 12-inch frame. You can still easily purchase these supplies through our studio. Your finished wreath will measure 4-6 inches more than the wreath frame.

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To create your wreath, gather a generous amount of winter boughs and branches. Whether you decide to use a single type of foliage or a mix of greens, branches, and berries, you can't go wrong. The more texture and variety the greater the visual impact of your wreath (in my humble opinion).

The quantity of greens required will vary depending on the size of the materials you choose. For instance, the sturdy noble fir boughs will effortlessly fill a wire wreath frame, while you'll need more bundles of delicate greens like rosemary, eucalyptus or Carolina Sapphire.

One of the joys of crafting a winter wreath is that you likely have many of the necessary ingredients right outside your door. If possible, try foraging materials to add a personal touch to your creation.

Before gathering supplies for your winter wreath, it's important to consider these three things:

1. Obtain permission before clipping from any location where you plan to forage.

2. Practice sustainable pruning methods by trimming lower limbs and small sections of boughs. Avoid trimming entire saplings or tree tops.

3. Stay vigilant about noxious plants. Ensure that you don't compost any cuttings that are considered noxious weeds.

And if you’re not in an area where you can forage, you can source any of these materials through your local florist or perhaps try a local tree farm or nursery.


-Fir (Noble or Silver especially!)




-Carolina Sapphire




-Dusty Miller


-Eucalyptus and Seeded Eucalyptus




-Rose Hips



-Red or Yellow Twig Dogwood

-Moss- or Lichen-covered Branches

-Huckleberry or Blueberry Branches

-Seed Pods and Cones

-Pine Cones

This list is far from exhaustive, feel free to be creative and experiment with what you have available.

Step-by-Step Guide to Wreath Making

Ready to get started on your wreath-making journey? Follow these simple steps to create a stunning wreath that will impress everyone.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials to make your winter wreath making easy.

Before diving in, make sure you have all the necessary supplies and greens at hand. This includes cutting your branches into segments for easier handling. If you prefer a more structured wreath, aim for 4- to 6-inch pieces. For a wilder, more natural and whimsical look, mix it up with segments ranging from 4 to 8 inches. Keep your materials organized by type to make the assembling process smooth. Additionally, consider lining your wired wreath frame with natural moss to retain moisture and provide a stable base for your wreath.

Sap Covered Wreath Making Hands
Sap covered Wreath Making Hands

Whether you're interested in joining our virtual wreath-making workshop or planning your private session, these steps will set you on the right path to creating a beautiful wreath. Get ready to unleash your creativity and enjoy the process!

Now you’re ready to assemble your DIY wreath! Before diving into the second step and adding greens, take a moment to wrap your paddle wire around your wreath form several times to secure it. Keep the wire attached to the paddle and set it to the outside of the wreath form.


Now you are ready to add the greens! Start by laying a layer of natural sheet moss inside your wire wreath frame. Next, wrap your wire from your wire paddle around your wreath form to have a secure start to making your wreath. Next, pick up a branch of each of your cut ingredients and make a small bundle of mixed textured green in your hand.

Lay your small bundles of greens on your wreath frame by wrapping it around the wreath frame a few times, then wrap the paddle wire around the bunch three to five times. Each time you wrap the wire, be sure to give it a substantial pull. This tension is what holds your wreath together. Keep in mind, that the greens and branches will dry and shrink during the weeks your wreath hangs on your door or wall, so don’t be afraid to give that wire a good, tight tug. Pro-tip: Achieve optimal control by keeping your paddle wire within easy reach. When attaching greens to your frame, utilize a single continuous piece of wire from your wire paddle instead of cutting it for every bundle. This technique enhances the wreath's integrity and mechanical strength, ultimately ensuring its longevity.

Build another small bundle and set it on the frame, barely overlapping your first bunch. I like to lay my bunches down in a fish-scale weaving pattern; one to the left, one to the right of the center to create a nice full-looking wreath. If you prefer a simple clean look lay each bundle all to the center with a slight overlap.

Continue adding bunches and wrapping in this repeated manner as you go. Every once in a while, step back and hold up your wreath to see if it looks full and balanced.

Sometimes, we can get too caught up in the small details and lose sight of the bigger picture. To address this, you have a couple of options. You can effortlessly incorporate additional materials by sliding them snugly under a wire loop, once your wreath is complete. Alternatively, you can refine and balance your wreath by trimming branches and leaves.

As you approach the final bunch, gently lift the first bunch and tuck the ends of the last bunch underneath. Continue wrapping as you did before. Once the wire is secure, take a step back and assess your wreath. If necessary, add a few more branches before proceeding to the last step.


To complete your wreath, the final step is to secure it. Start by wrapping the wire around the wreath two to three more times. Use wire cutters to trim the excess wire, leaving a few inches to attach it to the frame.

Now, flip the wreath over and carefully thread the wire through the frame, ensuring the slack wraps around one of the metal pieces. Tuck the end of the wire towards the greens, ensuring it won't scratch your door or wall, and securely fasten it.

Step back and admire your creative masterpiece! If desired, you can gently fluff the branches of the wreath for added fullness. Take this opportunity to refine the wreath by trimming any excessively long or dense pieces.

Enjoy your beautiful wreath and the sense of accomplishment that comes with it!

 Can you believe how easy the process is to make your very own wreath?


While I prefer natural-looking wreaths that showcase the pure beauty of the greens, feel free to embellish yours with pine cones, a bow, dried flowers, or even ornaments to achieve the desired aesthetic.

To attach a cone, start by securely wrapping it with a piece of paddle wire, ensuring a tight and stable hold. While gripping the wire, give the cone a few twists until it feels firmly attached.

Next, position your pine cones onto the wreath and thread each wire through the greenery towards the back of the wreath. Tighten the wires by twisting them together, and neatly tuck the ends to avoid any potential scratches on your door or wall.

Continue these steps, attaching cones (or any other embellishments!) until you achieve your desired look. Here's a design tip: group the cones or scatter them throughout the wreath for an aesthetically pleasing effect. As you work with a circular shape, consider using odd numbers such as one, three, or five pine cones.

Don't forget, practice makes perfect! So, feel free to experiment and discover the arrangement that perfectly match your preferences. Enjoy the art of wreath designing!

Pretty Winter Wreath

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To incorporate bows, dried flowers, or ornaments, just follow the same process used for wiring pine cones.

Your exquisite wreath will last long after the holiday season. If you decide to bring it indoors, a gentle misting every few days will preserve its moisture and prevent excessive drying.

Once you've mastered the art of crafting your own wreath and witnessed the process, this endeavour is bound to evolve into a cherished holiday tradition!

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