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A Love as Mighty as the Mountains: A Spray Lakes Mountain Elopement

Larissa and Greg- September 18, 2023

Against the majestic backdrop of Kananaskis’ Spray Lakes, Greg and Larissa's mountain elopement rises as a parable of modern love – intimate, adventurous, and saturated with personal significance. Through this narrative, we invite you to explore how the splendour of nature can cradle the most profound commitments.

Bride and Groom standing looking at the mountain range- Spray Lakes

The Soulful Exchange Amid Nature's Grandeur

Greg and Larissa's love story is a testament to the power of adventure and nature, culminating in a breathtaking micro wedding in the heart of the Rockies. For over 15 years, this couple has explored Kananaskis's rugged beauty and Canmore's serene landscapes, making these destinations the perfect backdrop for their intimate wedding ceremony.

sweet moment between a bride and groom- Spray Lakes Mountain Elopement

Opting for a small wedding, Greg and Larissa chose to celebrate their love surrounded by whispering pines and majestic mountains rather than in grand halls or luxurious mansions. Their wedding was not just an event but a narrative woven from the natural beauty of their favourite places and the depth of their connection.

Their celebration highlighted the importance of personal touches and locally sourced elements, from the flowers in Larissa's bouquet to the scenic venue that played a significant role in their relationship. This intimate wedding story showcases the beauty of simplicity and the profound impact of nature on love and companionship.

brides and groom kissing at Spray lakes mountain elopement

The Artistry of Photography in Capturing Love for a Micro Wedding

Selecting the perfect wedding photographer is a critical decision for any couple, especially for a day full of scenic beauty. In this particular instance, the couple made an excellent choice by choosing Heidrich Photography. These talented artists ( a husband-and-wife team) have the unique skill of capturing a soulful narrative of raw emotions against an untamed wilderness, transforming every frame into a timeless testament of love and passion.

Heidrich Photography didn’t just document; they created poetry with each shot. The first look was more than just a gaze; it unveiled the symphony of love amid the grandest orchestra of mountain and sky. The photos from Sauvage’s intimate dinner were not just stills; they were evocative tales that froze moments of warmth and joy for eternity.

With skillful hands and an artist's eye, each image spoke volumes, reflecting the intimacy and immensity of Greg and Larissa’s commitment amidst the jewel-like world of Kananaskis.

close up of bright colourful bridal bouquet-Small Flower Floral Studio- Elopement

Unveiling the Beauty of an Intimate Union

Greg and Larissa's mountain elopement at Spray Lakes in Kananaskis was more than a ceremony; it celebrated love amidst nature's grandeur. Their vows exchanged against stunning mountain peaks symbolized a deep connection. The intimate wedding reception at Sauvage Restaurant in Canmore offered a cozy and welcoming space where close family members shared laughter and moments of joy.

Canmore, known for its breathtaking mountain views, provides the perfect setting for couples seeking a serene and memorable wedding location. The Sauvage Restaurant, renowned for hosting exquisite micro weddings, offers an intimate dining experience that complements the natural beauty of the surroundings. This destination is ideal for those looking to celebrate their love in a unique and sacred space, far from the chaos of everyday life.

With its natural beauty, intimate venues like Sauvage, and the peaceful ambiance of Canmore, this location is becoming a top choice for couples planning their mountain weddings. It promises a venue and an unforgettable experience filled with love, laughter, and memories that will last a lifetime.

No wedding is complete without its distinctive elements. This unforgettable day was painted with elements as unique as their love. Each bite of the foraged food at Sauvage, which harmonized with the organic decor and exquisite florals, became a metaphor for this union—unexpected, delightful, and immensely cherished.

Bride and groom posing at Spray Lakes |Mountain Elopement-Kananaskis, AB

The Blossoms of Intent

From the moment it began, every detail of the wedding, from the heartfelt vows to the warm conversations afterward, was filled with purpose. The bridal bouquet stood out not just as a collection of flowers but as a symbol of tradition and love, carefully assembled with locally sourced blooms. This included a stunning array of cosmos, sweet peas, cherry caramel phlox, peach ranunculus, and a soft mix of roses for Larissa's first look bouquet. For the ceremony, she chose an elegant, all-white bouquet featuring sweet peas, ranunculus, Playa Blanca roses, white cosmos, and the delicate Orlaya White Finch, embodying simplicity and natural beauty.

Small Flower {floral studio}, known for its enchanting bespoke creations and love for intimate gatherings, was thrilled to play a role in bringing the couple's vision to life. "Our goal is to do more than just supply flowers. We aim to weave love's story with vibrant colour and delicate blooms, ensuring every flower reflects the unique bond of our couples," shared Elli, the studio's founder and lead designer. The floral arrangements crafted for this wedding were more than just beautiful; they were a narrative of love, commitment, and mindfulness towards nature, designed to resonate with the hearts of all present.

This approach showcases their personal journey and emphasizes the importance of sustainable wedding choices, resonating with couples looking for eco-friendly wedding ideas, sustainable floral arrangements, and vendors who share their values.

Bride and Groom Kissing: Mountain Elopement

Crafting a Micro Wedding Experience

Planning a micro wedding is not just about reducing guest numbers—it's about making room intention and purpose. Greg and Larissa's intimate wedding perfectly shows how small celebrations can create big memories. Their story is a testament to the beauty of simple weddings, showcasing how true love is celebrated in the most personal and meaningful ways.

In today's world, where extravagant weddings are the norm, Greg and Larissa's journey back to the basics of love is refreshing. Their micro wedding, celebrated with their closest family members, emphasizes the importance of genuine connections and the beauty of starting a life with simplicity and sincerity. This heartwarming celebration inspires couples looking to honour their love without the grandeur but with deep significance and cherished moments that will last a lifetime.

On your wedding day, you deserve an authentic experience that reflects the most significant aspects of your love—personal, profound, and beautifully simple. Take a step back to the roots of true love, where the grandeur lies not in the scale but in the significance and shared intimate moments that make up the start of your life together.

Micro weddings and elopements allow couples the freedom to focus on their love and laughter and create lasting memories, offering a meaningful alternative to larger, more traditional weddings. Magnify those small but significant details, ensuring a personalized experience that resonates with their unique love story. At Small Flower, our a la carte menu provides everything needed to design a stress-free, beautifully floral-adorned wedding that prioritizes intimacy and personal touches.

Bridal viel blowing in the wind during Spray Lakes Mountain Elopement

Planning your Mountain elopement

Each wedding becomes a bespoke tale of love, intricately braided into the majestic Rocky Mountains. Allow your elopement to exemplify a cherished beginning filled with personal meaning and a heartfelt focus on what truly matters to you as a couple. This is your opportunity to express the things that are uniquely you! Let your love shine.

bride and groom kissing under the bridal viel

Beautiful Spray Lakes Mountain Elopement site

Beautiful moment between and bride at SPRAY LAKES MOUNTAIN ELOPEMENT

pretty pressed flower wedding cake

pretty garden flower table arrangements for Sauvage Restaurant Micro Wedding

Sauvage Restaurant Micro Wedding in Canmore

We invite you to explore our a la carte offerings and discover how Small Flower can help you craft a micro wedding that celebrates your love and creates an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. With our expertise in floral designs and commitment to personalization, your wedding will be a testament to the beauty of simplicity and the power of love.

Allow Small Flower to elegantly narrate your love story through our floral creations, each telling a different tale of love and commitment. Our a la carte menu will make your wedding blooms as unique as your bond.

Vendors List

Photographer: Heidrich Photography

Brides Dress: Alena Leena purchased at The Modern Bride @tmodernbride

Groom's suite: Emporio Armani

Brides Shoes: Loeffler Randall

Fabulous Cake: made with love by the bride's Mom


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