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Wildly in Love at the Calgary Zoo: Your Dream Wedding Destination

Megan and Connie's- September 10, 2023 Calgary Zoo Wedding

For couples looking for a remarkable wedding location, the Calgary Zoo offers a unique and unforgettable setting amidst the beauty of the animal kingdom. The venue goes beyond a mere ceremony spot; it's an oasis of love surrounded by natural wonders. An ideal location for couple's seeking a magical backdrop to proclaim their love.

Bridal Party at Calgary Zoo Wedding

A Tale of Two Loves

Step into the captivating tale of Connie and Megan's love story as they weave their dreamy wedding vision with the Calgary Zoo as their scenic backdrop. Their love story blossomed from a romantic stroll in a park and a love for board games, hiking, and video games. These two set to infuse their personality into every fibre of their special day. Every detail of their special day mirrored their journey from a leisurely walk to a life-long adventure.

Grazer Garden Calgary Zoo Wedding

Personal Touch & Cultural Richness

The union was enriched by merging their heritages with a beautiful Chinese Tea Ceremony, blending tradition with modern touches to symbolize the union of two families. It is a meaningful part of the day, bringing respect and honour and seeing the tea ceremony as a symbol of the families welcoming the brides into their respective families. Drinking tea symbolizes that the parents recognize and accept a new person to the family. It’s also an expression of gratitude on the couple’s part. “It means: ‘I am marrying into this family, I will show my respect by serving tea to the elders," Drawing endless inspiration from the heart, their love story became an integral part of their special day. If you are looking for details on How to Plan Your Own Tea Ceremonies, I recommend checking out this blog by BRIDE

Connie and Megan looked fabulous in their matching ruby-red outfits. Megan wore a fantastic ruby red dress with white embroidery running down the right shoulder, the silhouette reminiscent of the 1950s. Connie wears a traditional Chinese suit with red cranes embroidered down the jacket. The vibrant colours in attire and decorations symbolized luck, longevity, and new beginnings. These personalized, culturally rich narratives transform this wedding day into an exquisite masterpiece, reflecting the intertwined souls in a lifelong commitment with honour and respect to continue to enrich their lives together.

Zoo-Flora & Fauna Affair Unique to your Calgary Zoo Wedding

The Calgary Zoo is a perfect venue to bring together the union of two souls in harmony with the babbling brooks and sprawling topiaries found on the grounds. The chosen floral arrangements were no haphazard selection but a symphony of nature's artistry. Each carefully selected bloom stood as a testament to the distinctive autumn season and its relation to it—an allegory of the life cycle the blooms would witness to the life the brides would weave.

The intertwining trails of greenery, succulents, and copper-toned sunflowers brought texture and warmth. They incorporated toffee and quicksand roses, reflecting a landscape of adventures to explore. This bespoke curation of texture and colour was not just an ornate display; it was a narrative of the couple's love for roses and sunflowers breathing through the very ambiance of the celebration.

The florals for this wedding day blended with precision against the champagne tones of Meagan's vintage wedding dress and the seafoam green and dusty blue of the bridesmaids' dresses. Connies' boutonniere perfectly coordinates with her Calvin Butts (bespoke) suit and the floral details of Megan's bouquet. The succulents were a symbol of love that would continue to grow and evolve over time—a resilience to continue to grow through good times and hard times.

Crafting Everlasting Memories

The Zoo's gorgeous landscape served perfectly for every posed frame captured by the talent of Sarah Nicole's Wedding Photographers. The Calgary Zoo has an array of venues for fabulous backdrops to showcase your personality as a couple and forged memories as timeless and irreplaceable as a couple's commitment to one another. Spaces like these invite you to capture the essence of joy, youthful spirit, adventure and unity — values paramount to a marriage's foundation.

Connie and Megan's reception tables were adorned with miniature gold animal figurines to highlight the wedding location, and boxes of card games showcased the couples' love for games. These playfulness elements represent togetherness and fun for everyone to enjoy. A tale unfolded, exceeding the norm, celebrating each quirky passion of the newlyweds. The dessert table was a beautiful display from Whippt, featuring vanilla passion fruit flavour, lemon blueberry, and other flavour varieties.

Discovering Your Wildly Unique Wedding Venue at the Calgary Zoo

For the to-be-weds preparing to pen their own love chronicles, the Calgary Zoo beckons with its majestic charms and the potential to create an idyllic paradise unique to each couple. With panoramic vistas, curated experiences, and versatile spaces, it stands apart as a wedding destination that genuinely understands the essence of a personal touch.

Each ceremony at the Calgary Zoo is an ode to the couple it hosts — an experience crafted to articulate love in every language, whether in whispers amidst the bamboo or through the roars of jubilation as guests celebrate. This is not just another venue; this is where the extraordinary happens every day.

Plan Your Unforgettable Moment

If your heart sings at the thought of 'I do' amidst the heart of nature and the wild elegance of a zoo, don't hesitate to explore what the Calgary Zoo offers. Can we help bring your vision to life? Our floral studio is ready to assist in aligning the breathtaking wonders of nature with your unique celebration of love. Inquire Today

Contact us today, and prepare for an adventure in romance that will leave an indelible mark — just like your love story. It's your day, and the Calgary Zoo is committed to making it uniquely yours.

Wedding Vendors List

Flowers: your truly Small Flower {floral studio}

Officiant:Tasha Whelan

Connie's Suit for Tea Ceremony:Qipao HK

Megan's Tea Ceremony Dress: Qipao HK

Megan's Wedding Dress: Vintage, from Brides for a Cause

Connie's Suit: Calvin Butts (bespoke)

Bridesmaid's Dresses: David's Bridal

Megan's Gold Pumps: INC international concepts

Bridesmaids Shawls: Amazon

Wedding Cake & Cupcakes: Whippt, vanilla passion fruit flavour and a variety of cupcake flavours

Megan's Hair Pin: Casdre Flower hairpin

Connie's Lapel Pendant: family heirloom (Norwegian)

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