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How to Holding a Bridal Bouquet: Tips and Tricks to Make You and Your Flowers Shine

late summer, fall bridal bouquet in burgandy, pinks and antique tones
Textural, Garden Style Bridal Bouquet

Congratulations! You're recently engaged and are eagerly making plans for your Big Day. But did you know how you hold your bouquet will impact your pictures and how confident you will look and feel at your wedding? Most people don't realize that being mindful about how you hold your bouquet can fix all this.

We might be a little biased being Flower Nerds, but your bouquet can be one of the highlights of your big day if you hold it in a way that shows all the thought and effort you have put into your wedding. Your bouquet also shows you off and your unique style as well. That's what all your planning is for. So, let's jump in and look at the three pro tips to use your bouquet to its full potential.

Securely hold the bouquet with both hands while resting your thumbs on the pearl pinheads at the back of your bouquet.

Hold your bridal bouquet with both hands so your fingers naturally wrap around the flower stems. Then, place your thumbs on the pearl pinheads on the back of our bouquet handle. This keeps the bridal bouquet in the perfect position. The pins are at the natural balance point of the bouquet, and holding the flowers this way encourages you to stand with the best posture.

How to Hold a Bouquet and How Not to hold a Bouquet
Does and Don't of Holding a Bouquet

Relax while holding your bridal bouquet! Drop your shoulders, let your arms loosen, and allow your hands and bouquet to rest below your belly button for a polished look.

One of the most important things to remember on the big day is to relax! Not only because this is your wedding day, but holding your bridal bouquet with nervous tension in your arms will make you look even more tense than you might feel. Take a deep breath, relax and let your arms drop down.

You should hold your bouquet with relaxed arms below your belly button. This will highlight your style, beautiful dress, and shapely body, radiating calm beauty instead of nervous energy. And that's what the day is all about - beauty, personal style, and your inner radiance.

Make your Bridal Bouquet Shine: Tilt it Forward.

Flowers are nature's gift to brighten our lives, so show off the flowers, not the stems. Tilt your Bridal bouquet forward to make your floral shine! By angling your bouquet towards your audience, you can showcase all those gorgeous petals and let the stems take the backseat. This will make for a stunning presentation and put your hands in a more natural position, making you look more relaxed and confident to your guests and in your pictures.

Extra tip for Holding your Bridal Bouquet for a Side or Back Shot.

In reality, some of your photos will be taken from the side or the back, and if you are not conscious of how you are holding your bouquet, it isn't doing what it can for you. But don't worry; there's a simple trick to showcase those pretty blooms – pop your wrist up! The flowers will face the camera by tilting your wrist up instead of only showing your stems. So, the next time you show off your blooms, pop that wrist up and let those flowers shine!

How you hold your bouquet on a wedding day is essential for many reasons. Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing in photos, but it also draws attention away from any shaking of the hands. Additionally, holding your bouquet properly can support your arms and help you keep your posture tall and confident. Ultimately, having a good grip on your bouquet will ensure you look beautiful and pose in your wedding photos.

As you plan your Calgary wedding, remember these tips for an unforgettable experience. With the proper preparation and creativity, you'll be sure to capture fantastic images that genuinely reflect who you are. So go ahead and express yourself on your special day - it's time to let the world know who you really are! Are you still looking for your Calgary Wedding Florist? We would love to hear from you, Inquire Today


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