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Sunny Serenity: A Picnic in the Park Elopement at The Deane House, Calgary

A Style Shoot to Inspire

Imagine exchanging vows in the warmth of summer, surrounded by whimsical florals and the timeless allure of The Deane Housin Calgary. A recent style shoot captured the essence of this esteemed venue, showcasing its ability to create a day filled with colour, affection, and a playful yet elegant atmosphere.

For couples seeking a unique wedding experience, The Deane House in Calgary provides the ideal backdrop. It combines historical charm with natural beauty for a truly memorable celebration.

Beautiful Brides in front of the Prosecco Cart at the Dean House Calgary

The Deane House, Calgary Garden Picnic, A Sun-Kissed Affair

The Deane House, a historic building dating back to 1906, is nestled in the charming neighbourhood of Inglewood. Its idyllic location along the Bow River offers stunning views and the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding ceremony.

The style shoot highlighted the venue's versatility with a romantic garden ceremony on its picturesque lawn. With vibrant flowers blooming in every direction and the river as a backdrop, a truly sun-kissed affair.

Whimsical Florals: A Match Made in Heaven

Whimsical florals were chosen as this shoot's focal point to complement The Deane House's natural beauty. The vibrant colours and playful arrangements created a dreamy atmosphere that perfectly captured the carefree nature of summer. Every aspect, from the floral arrangements to the choice of drinks, was carefully curated to embody the day's effortless elegance. The flowers, a beautiful mix of ranunculus, candlelight roses, and local blooms, were not just decorations but statements of the day's fresh and wild beauty—a perfect balance between casual charm and luxurious sophistication.

Jen from The Prosecco Cart brilliantly selected yellow as the day's theme colour, known for its ability to spark joy and add a lively touch of happiness to any event. This outdoor picnic in the park was beautifully complemented by the stunning vintage 1970 Piaggio from Italy, The Prosecco Cart, adding a perfect touch of old-world romance. It provided a unique backdrop for photos and refreshments, enhancing the event's stylish vibe. Boho and Lark's and decor additions gave this picnic in the park the perfect boho flair to all to the Girl Power we were seeking, along with whimsical floral accessories like floral clutch bags, tattoos, and fanciful flora crowns, provided by Small Flower, celebrated creativity and Girl Power, bringing the charm of the 1960s and '70s to life.

This event was not just a gathering but a showcase of love, creativity, and timeless appeal with a vintage flair for elegance, making it a perfect inspiration for those planning a unique and memorable celebration set with a 'Picnic in the Park' theme.

beautiful garden style flowers at the picnic in the park, Dean House Style Shoot

A Garden of Flavour

The epicurean element of the style elopement mirrored its floral counterpart—a beautiful curation of simplicity with spectacular results. The Deane House's rich history of culinary excellence provided an inspired menu of 'bites-sized' delights, perfectly harmonizing this al-fresco affair.

A spread of gourmet canapes and desserts, courtesy of Chef Jordan Shane, adorned the tablescape, bespoke the romance of the season and the locality of its fare. Summer berries juxtaposed against the soft hues of pastries, creating an edible tapestry that charmed the senses. SCOUT by Modern Catering and Boutique Café added their sweet touches, ensuring every bite was a tribute to the day's unique summertime charm. A tantalizing journey for all the senses; each piece was like art on a plate

Pretty Wedding Display with Wine Glass Display

Creatives at Play

At the heart of every successful event lies the essence of event collaboration, especially in the realm of wedding planning. This Deane House-styled photoshoot showcased the essence of partnership, drawing upon a symphony of creative talents. The result? A narrative-rich tableau that comes to life through meticulous calligraphy from Paper & Petals and the alluring ambiance set by Kynd & Co. candles, crafting a wedding inspiration experience unlike any other.

The day’s narrative was sublimely crafted with bespoke touches, offering profound wedding inspiration for engaged couples. These intricately designed details enriched the visual feast and imbued the occasion with layers of significance. From Taylor Bartel's masterful hair styling to Simone Lyn and Shea from Boho Photo Babe's flawless makeup artistry, each transforms the models into epitomes of grace.

The models played pivotal roles, embodying the essence of ethereal brides and bridesmaids. Their enthusiasm and commitment brought to life an unforgettable experience. Indeed, their shared vision and seamless integration into these roles heightened the shoot, a testament to the power of team spirit in event collaboration.

The detailing of bridal attire is critical to punctuating such a momentous day, and that's where bridal fashion takes center stage. Adorn Boutique offers a cornucopia of elegant summer dress options for any sun-dappled soiree. At the same time, the stunning bridal gowns with practical pockets from Blush and Raven exude both sophistication and convenience. To complete the picture, Joy Drop's jewelry added just the right amount of glimmer to accent the day.

For those seeking a comprehensive suite of options for their nuptials' wardrobes, these featured businesses are unmatched in curating bridal fashion needs. They ensure bridal fashion every bride shines as bright as her dreams on the wedding day.

Pretty Wedding Stationary Flat Lay

In the Limelight

Transform your special celebrations into timeless memories with Nichole Sarah Photography, the epitome of wedding inspiration and event collaboration. This Fine Art Film Photographer specializes in capturing the subtle nuances and intimate details of your big day. With a keen eye for the candid, Nichole Sarah ensures that every heartwarming promise and electric pre-ceremony anticipation is immortalized with grace and elegance.

Photography is not just about preserving moments; it's about storytelling. Every emotive photograph taken by Nichole Sarah weaves a narrative that resonates with passion and fervour, creating heirlooms that lovebirds will treasure forever. Inflated Dreams complements this visual storytelling by crafting exquisite balloon arches that add an ethereal touch to your celebration. Together, they curate a backdrop that mirrors the joy and lightness of your wedding day, perfect for stunning ceremony photography that will set your heart fluttering for years to come.

Planning your elopement or micro-wedding in a beautiful park or lush garden requires more than luck—it demands meticulous planning and creative execution. This guide will share essential tips and insights for couples looking to create a unique and memorable day outside traditional wedding norms.

**Selecting the Perfect Venue**

The Deane House stands out as an ideal venue for your special day. Beyond offering picturesque views, it is a historic backdrop for celebrating contemporary love stories, with a breathtaking garden for guests to mingle and admire.

**Elevating Your Event with Special Touches**

Enhance your guests' enjoyment and take your celebration to the next level with a Mobile Bar, offering a variety of drinks to suit everyone's taste. Additionally, make your event truly memorable with the Prosecco Cart, providing a touch of elegance and a unique way to serve sparkling wine.

**Floral Arrangements and Decor**

Choosing the right flowers and decorations can add a layer of storytelling to your event. Opting for yellow florals, for instance, can symbolize happiness and new beginnings, bringing a deeper meaning to your decor.

**Gourmet Catering for Your Elopement**

The food at your elopement should be as thoughtfully considered as the other elements. Offering gourmet 'bite-sized' dishes can delight guests without compromising the intimate feel of your celebration.

**Photography: Capturing the Essence of Your Day**

A talented photographer plays a crucial role in preserving the emotions and memories of your day. They don't just capture moments; they curate a lasting narrative of your love story.

**Thoughtful Decor Details**

Don't overlook the importance of event decor. Personalizing your space with unique touches can significantly enhance the ambiance and reflect the unique charm of your celebration. Take the time to choose pieces that reflect what is special to you as a couple.

This guide aims to help daring couples plan an unforgettable elopement or micro-wedding that defies conventional expectations. With the right venue, special touches, floral arrangements, gourmet catering, and photography, your day will be as unique and extraordinary as your love story.

Boho Picnic in the Park

Celebrate your love story with the perfect intimate wedding or elopement at The Deane House in Calgary. Renowned for its unique blend of history and natural beauty, The Deane House offers an exceptional setting for micro-weddings, private picnics, and elopements. It is a top choice for couples seeking a memorable and personalized wedding experience.

Elopements and micro-weddings have become increasingly popular among couples looking to celebrate their love more intimately and meaningfully. The Deane House believes that choosing a smaller celebration doesn't mean compromising on joy but rather intensifying it into a unique and unforgettable experience.

e House Calgary Picnic in the Park Elopement

As a premier wedding venue, The Deane House provides a romantic and private atmosphere. Nestled in the heart of Calgary, our venue is a treasure trove of history, offering a picturesque backdrop for your special day. Whether you dream of a cozy outdoor picnic or an elegant micro-wedding, The Deane House transforms to reflect your love story, ensuring your day is as perfect as your relationship.

Imagine exchanging vows surrounded by vibrant flowers, raising a toast with sparkling prosecco, and revelling in the beauty of our lush green scapes. The Deane House is not just a venue but a journey for the heart, where the expression 'just the two of us' comes to life most beautifully.

For couples who find romance in the warmth of summer and who cherish picnics amidst historic elegance, The Deane House is your haven. A hidden gem in Calgary, it is the ideal location for those who desire a wedding that combines nature's wildness with the city's charm—a perfect haven for hearts united in love.

Choose The Deane House for your intimate wedding, elopement, or private picnic. Let this inner city location be the hearth for your love story, a home where your most cherished moments come to life. The Deane House, Calgary—a sanctuary of love in the city, awaits to be part of your journey.

It was an absolute delight to collaborate with the talented members of this dream team. Whenever I have the chance to work alongside other creatives in Calgary, I'm genuinely amazed by the immense talent in the local Calgary market. I'm deeply thankful for the community of exceptional vendors I partner with, creating magic together. Special thanks to each member of this skilled team. Conducting this project during COVID-19 made it all the more memorable. Sending lots of love to everyone who played a role in bringing this day to life!

If you are ready to explore the possibilities for your wedding day, we would love to chat. If you are planning a small, intimate civil or micro wedding, check out our À la Carte Wedding Menu

Picnic Rental: Lark YYC, @larkyyc

Desserts: Modern Cater,

Stationary: Paper and Petals, @hollylovespaper

Candles: Kynd & Co., @kyndco.products

Bridesmaids Outfits: Adorn Boutique, @adorncalgary

Models @thetransplanter, @elovell_12, @mindfulleta, @httpoleta


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