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Elegant Cornerstone Theatre Canmore Wedding

Brittany + Ryan-

Cornerstone Theatre Canmore provided the ideal backdrop for Brittany and Ryan's outdoor summer wedding celebration. As outdoor enthusiasts, this venue perfectly captured their love for nature.

Bride with Elegant Bridal Bouquet at Cornerstone Theatre Canmore Wedding

We believe that every bride should carry a bouquet that is unique and special to her. Brittany, hailing from a family of flower enthusiasts, envisioned a dreamy bouquet to complement her elegant dress, She had dreams of carrying a lush garden inspired cascading bouquet. The bouquet was a natural whimsical yet elegant bouquet in an all white palette with rich shades of greens. Her bouquet featured locally grown peony, roses, phalaenopsis orchids and spieria and passion vine. Another special touch that was important to the bride was to pay tribute to her beloved grandparents with small framed pictures attached to the handle with ribbon.

Whimsical, Elegant Wedding Flower- Cornerstone Theatre Wedding Canmore, AB
Cornerstone Theatre Canmore Wedding

Experience the beauty of nature at Cornerstone Theatre Canmore through Brittany and Ryan's enchanting wedding celebration.

Bride and Groom posing in front of the fireplace at  Cornerstone Theatre in Canmore. Beautiful Floral Installation for the fireplace
The radiant bride and groom standing in front of the fireplace at Cornerstone Theatre Fireplace

Manzanita Branches topiary centerpiece at Cornerstone Theatre Canmore
Manzanita Branch Topiary

We aimed to elevate the rustic allure of the venue with a natural yet refined topiary design crafted from Manzanita Branches adorned with suspended candles and glass beads, glistening in the flickering flames. Delicate garlands of white carnations cascaded gracefully from the branches. This exquisite table arrangement honored the beauty of nature while infusing the reception space with a hint of timeless glamour.

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The Venue: Cornerstone Theatre Season: Summer

Rental Pieces: Special Events Rental

Photography: Abby Plus Dave


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