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Canmore Nordic Centre Wedding & Tree Island Ceremony- A Picture Perfect Outdoor Ceremony

If you're a nature lover dreaming of a whimsical, rustic, and natural wedding, look no further! This blog post will take you through Taesagh and Adam's intimate mountain Canmore Nordic Centre Wedding from July 1st, 2022. From the colour palette to the vendor details, we'll give you all the inspiration and information you need to plan your own dream outdoor wedding.

Natural Earthy Tone Colour Palette for a Nature Lovers Canmore Nordic Centre Wedding

Taesagh and Adam's wedding was about embracing their surroundings' natural beauty. The colour palette reflected this perfectly, with earthy tones and pops of colour that complemented the flora and fauna around them. The bridesmaid's multi-coloured dresses in shades of Sahara, Deep Emerald and Tuscan Gold added elegance to the day. The flowers were chosen intentionally from local flower farmers, and the delicate blooms added a whimsical charm to the event, perfectly complimenting every element of the natural environment around Canmore area in the summer.

The Canmore Nordic Center was the perfect setting for Taesagh and Adam's wedding. The stunning views of the mountains and alpine trees made for the perfect backdrop for their special day. It provided a rustic location surrounded by nature, which helped create the laid-back atmosphere that Taelagh and Adam were looking for. The colour palette reflected their surroundings perfectly, including natural, earthy tones like sage green, mossy olive, muted pink, rust and Tuscan yellows and taupe, adding some subtle pops of colour to their ensemble.

Canmore Nordic Center: Outdoor Wedding Ceremony: Tree Island

Sarah Pukin was the perfect photographer for Taesagh and Adam's wedding. Her ability to capture the essence of nature and the couple's love was reflected in every shot she took. She documented every moment of the day in a casual yet elegant way.


Predictions for 2023

With the growing trend of outdoor and nature-inspired weddings, we predict that the natural and earthy colour palette used in Taesagh and Adam's wedding will continue to be on-trend in 2023 and into 2024. With the mountains and alpine trees providing the perfect backdrop, it's no surprise that couples are turning to these natural settings for their big day.

Beautiful, Natural, Earthy Tone Floral Installation for outdoor ceremony

Wedding Vendors

Photographer: Sarah Pukin

Bride and Bridesmaids dresses: Cameo & Cufflinks

Brides Dress: Stella York (7372)

Bridesmaids: Sorella Vita (9513) in Sahara, Deep Emerald, and Tuscan Gold.

Wedding Cake: Sweet Bouquet

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