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Boho Wedding Bliss: Wedding Style for Rustic Lovers

Emanating an ethereal charm grounded in natural elegance, the boho wedding trend continues to enchant brides globally. If you're drawn to free-spirited and eclectic themes, a bohemian wedding is an ideal canvas to express your individuality. This unique approach weaves the spirit of the 1970s with a modern touch, presenting a wholly captivating environment for love to bloom.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the tapestry of boho wedding style and provide insights from a photo shoot brimming with creativity. Whether you're a bride envisioning a windswept celebration or a planner seeking to craft an unforgettable event, this post is your ticket to the world of all things boho.

Beautiful Boho Bride and Groom Kissing in front of a VW at sunset in Alberta Prairies

The Inspiration: The Rustic Tapestry

The charm of a boho-styled affair lies in its ability to blend the rustic with the romantic. The elixir of nature’s textures, iridescent hues, and nonchalant beauty serve as the backdrop for an event with a carefree traveller's flair for the truly free spirit.

Our recent boho-style photo shoot celebrated this notion, capturing the essence of an outdoor wedding where the prairie unfolds into an enchanting haven. The earthy elegance of this setting is embraced by the interplay of copper and cream, which suffuse warmth into the surroundings.

Tapping into the serene beauty of the prairie, we paved the way for a wedding style that finds inspiration in the unexampled depth of simplicity. The ensemble comprised many elements speaking to bohemian allure—macramé accents, vintage undertones, and an overall zeitgeist steeped in casual grace.

Our narrative not only brims with creativity but is also deeply rooted in practicality. It's about finding harmony between the ethereal and the every day, creating a boho wedding that's not just a set piece but a reflection of those who stand at the cusp of a new chapter in life.


The Realities of Planning a Boho Wedding

While the boho aesthetic appears carefree and casual, it requires meticulous attention to detail. Here, we unveil the practical steps and industry insights to help you plan a memorable boho affair.

Trends in Boho Wedding Decor

Bohemian decor, reminiscent of an impressionist painting, combines elements that blend seamlessly from afar and captivate up close. Textiles are essential, like layered rugs creating an intimate setting and intricately designed cream puff cushions. Round suede pillows add a cozy touch, creating an eye-catching, relaxed ambiance complemented by candles and a vintage Volkwagon backdrop for a stunning prairie sunset shot.

The floral installation columns serve as focal points to enhance a bohemian display, bringing all the elements together while creating a stunning framing for a ceremony site. Infusing an original boho style, blending various textures seamlessly with the picturesque setting for prairie photo sessions.

The Dress: Nature's Fabric

The bridal gown takes center stage at any wedding, especially in a boho celebration where it harmonizes with the natural surroundings. Flowing fabrics, gentle hues, and ethereal designs dominate the scene. Delicate lace accents and drop sleeves evoke a romantic nostalgia, while the addition of a cowboy hat adds a modern flair to this Alberta Boho Shoot.

Sustainable Elements

A core tenet of bohemian philosophy is the harmony with nature and conscious living. Incorporating sustainable elements in your wedding, such as repurposed furnishings, organic fare, and eco-friendly invitations, and using sustainable floristry into your design manifests this ideology into your Bohemian Wedding day.

Setting the Right Tone with Music and Food

Live acoustic music sets the perfect ambience for a bohemian wedding. A bonfire coupled with acoustic melodies can transform the night into an enchanted forest as the sun sets.

Food is an extension of the décor. Opt for a farm-to-table approach with organic, colourful dishes served family-style.

Capturing Hearts: The Beautiful Chaos

A boho wedding is a beautiful dichotomy of orchestrated chaos and natural beauty. While striking the perfect balance can be challenging, careful planning ensures the celebration is delightful and not disordered.

Boho Bridal Bouquet Inspiration

Behind the Lens: The Style Shoot

A photoshoot is a glimpse into the possible realm where creativity knows no bounds. Our vendor team came together to create a vision of boho chic that was captivating and realistic in its approach.

The Venue: An Ode to Nature's Theater

The choice of location was paramount in conveying the boho aesthetic. Our site was a secluded prairie that basked in the glow of the setting sun, providing the perfect canvas for our love affair with boho.

The Dress: A Symphony in Silk and Tulle

Our wedding dress, provided by The Bridal Boutique and Rue De Seine, is a modern boho gown with intricate lace details and a sleek silhouette. This dress is perfect for the free-spirited bride looking for a timeless yet earthy feel. With a plunging neckline and form-fitting skirt leading to a full godet and train, this design blends past and present elegance. Adventure off the beaten path in style with this Rue silhouette creation.


The Decor: Weaving the Boho Tale

Every detail in the décor was meticulously thought out to reflect the bohemian adventurous spirit. Think vintage furniture adorned with macrame, crochet details, antique lace, and abundant pampas grass.

The Exquisite Footprints: Invitations and More

The stationery selected reflected the adventurous spirit of a bohemian couple, emphasizing travel and adventure as critical themes to the success of this shoot. It served as an acknowledgment of the occasion and an opportunity to indulge in boho elegance. A postcard featuring our couple from a mini photoshoot inside the vintage VW photobooth by FotoVon was utilized to show the playful, carefree spirit of the Bohemian theme. Stamps from Loft Designs Weddings and the vintage ring box by Birch & Bloom added a nostalgic charm to the shoot.

Vintage Orange VW Photobooth and Travel Partner

No boho event is complete without the omnipresent VW. This four-wheel structure served as a photo booth op and a place of repose—a multifunctional framework steeped in whimsy to capture the magic moments of your wedding celebration. This was the jewel to bring this vision to life. FotoVon is the perfect addition to add a fun and whimsical touch to any wedding or event to create happy photo memories.

Our photo shoot was a collective vision brought to life, a testimony to the potential inherent in every boho wedding. The magic lies in the elements and their orchestrated unity, creating an event as unique as each couple it represents.


Expert Tips from Our Boho Maestros

We sat down with our vendor team to glean insights on planning the perfect boho wedding. Their tips combine experience with innovation, offering a roadmap to your boho paradise.

The Planner's Perspective

For the event planner, it's all about storytelling and Lynn from Chemstry Events tells a captivating tale. A boho wedding is more than just an event; it’s a love narrative in harmony with its surroundings. Immerse yourself in the culture of boho living, and include the story of the natural landscape. From markets to mountains, draw inspiration from uncharted paths and bring that essence into your boho-themed wedding.

The Photographer's Lens

No one captures the essence of a wedding quite like the photographer.  GH Photography perfectly captured this day and all the details that came with this winning photo shoot. Chasing the light, sunbeams and soft glow adds a surreal quality to these pictures.  GH Photography suggests you opt for outdoor photo sessions or light-filled indoor venues for that touch of the ethereal.

The Stylist's Vision

Lynn from Chemistry Events goal is always to bring the couple's dream to life. Focusing on the raw and the real will always bring your wedding dreams to life. Remember that boho is about being you; your wedding should reflect that. Incorporate personal mementos and heirlooms into your decor. Every piece has a story waiting to be told, and Lynn is the perfect guide to bring your vision to life.

The Florist's Canvas

For the florist, the boho style embodies a celebration of natural flora. Small Flower specializes in Wild, Whimsical, and Timeless floral designs. Our photo shoot highlights natural and organic elements in a rustic boho colour scheme featuring copper, toffee, and golden hues. Incorporating Sola Wood Roses, dried palm stems, and pampas grass adds to the Boho atmosphere. As part of this Boho concept, we crafted a floral tattoo for the bride to wear around her calf, a unique addition for the daring bride seeking a floral statement piece. This creation exudes whimsical and natural ethereal charm. When planning a bohemian-themed event, consider utilizing locally sourced indigenous flowers to enhance the wild and beautiful boho wedding aesthetic; there is definitely room to use elements other than pampas to create your boho vibe.


Final Words

A boho-styled wedding is not just an event; it's a lifestyle. Our guide and photo shoot take you through the various layers of creating a resplendent day with the nuances of nature, tradition, innovation, and your adventurous spirit.

Remember, a boho wedding is an ode to individuality and free expression. It's about creating a day where your spirit is as evident as the decor and where joy is as abundant as the sun that sets on your union.

Thank you for accompanying us on this bohemian voyage. If our words have kindled the fire of creativity, and you're ready to take the plunge, we invite you to craft your boho tale. May your wedding reflect the love that has brought you here—a love unbound, like the prairie's expanse, and as timeless as the themes we've shared.

For those on the cusp of 'I do,' may your boho bliss be as luminous as the moon that will accompany you on countless starry nights. We would love to help you as you begin to explore your own floral story. Contact us today!


Venue: Prairie Property

Photography: GH Photography

Season: Late Summer/Fall



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