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Flower Care: Give your Flower the TLC they need to live their best life.


Step 1:Start with a clean vase or container to provide a pristine environment for your flowers. Keeping them in a sparkling clean vase ensures their happiness and overall health.

Step 2: Add Floral Food (If Available)

If you have floral food, use it! The flower food packet helps lower the water's pH, optimizing water absorption through the stems. It contains a cleaning agent to control bacteria and supplies nourishment for longer-lasting flowers. Aim for a pH level between 3.5 to 4.0, and avoid using water from a water softener as it may contain harmful salt content.

We have experimented with this one a lot and have found that step 4 is even more important than this step so if you don't have floral food, don't fret too much. The other steps are far more important

For best results, use tepid water. This allows the floral food to dissolve and enables the flowers to absorb water more effectively, reaching the top of the flower heads.

Step 3: Remove Leaves

To prevent bacteria growth and extend the life of your flowers, remove any leaves or flowers underwater. Strip off excess foliage from the lower section of the stems.

Step 4: Recut Stems and Change Water Daily - Our Top Tip!!

Daily stem trimming is recommended for optimal water absorption. Cut the stems at a 45-degree angle to provide a larger surface area. Regularly trim the stems to prevent resealing and water restriction.

If daily recutting is not possible, ensure you change the water regularly to keep it fresh. Fresh water significantly contributes to the vase life of your flowers. With our experimenting this has the largest impact on how long your flowers will last so please change your water as frequently as possible.

Step 5: Keep Flowers Cool and Water Clean

To maximize the lifespan of your flowers, display them in a cool, well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight, heat, and drafts. Cooler temperatures slow down respiration and prolong the freshness of your blooms.

Bonus Tip: Edit and Recreate Your Arrangement

Remove fading flowers from your arrangement to maintain water cleanliness and ensure the happiness of the remaining blooms. Consider experimenting with drying the faded flowers for a pleasant surprise. Preserving and drying flowers can be a rewarding experience.

At Small Flower {floral studio}, we prioritize the happiness and hydration of your flowers. Before delivery, we meticulously process and condition them to ensure they reach your home in the best possible condition. Our Eco Fresh Bouquet Wrap™ provides sustainable freshness through 100% plant-based, compostable, biodegradable, and reusable hydration wraps.

Our thoughtful designs embrace the impermanence of each bloom, combining spectacular and long-lasting flowers to create unique and breathtaking bouquets. We invite you to admire the beauty of each small flower, appreciating the hope, healing, and joy they offer.

For all your floral needs, including care and maintenance, contact Small Flower {floral studio} at or 403.245.5543.

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