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First things First: Flowers need a bit of TLC to live their best life

Step 1: Clean vase, happy flowers!

Start with a clean vase or container for your flowers to be placed in. You want to have your flowers in a nice sparkly clean container to keep them happy and healthy.

Step 2: Add floral food if available

The flower food packet lowers the pH of the water, making it optimal for water to absorb up the stem of the flower. Flower food has both a cleaning agent that controls bacteria as well as food for the flowers to last longer in a vase. For the majority of flowers, the best pH level is between 3.5 to 4.0. However, do not use water from a water softener for flowers as the salt content can be detrimental to them.

Tepid water temperatures are best for most flower varieties. This allows the floral food to dissolve and also enables the flowers to take up water easily making sure the water reaches to the top of the flower head.

Step 3: Remove leaves

Remove any excess foliage on the lower section of the stems. Leaves or flowers that are underwater will begin to rot and add bacteria to the water, which will shorten the life of your flowers. Prevent this by stripping off the excess foliage on the lower section of the stem.

Step 4: Re-cut your flowers and change water daily

Cutting off the ends of your flower stems on a daily basis is recommended. Make the cut at a 45-degree angle, which provides a greater cut surface for water absorption. Trim the stems of your flowers regularly.

They have a tendency to reseal themselves and restrict water flow.

Even if you can't do this step, we do highly recommend giving your flowers fresh water regularly to keep them fresh for multiple days. The freshness of the water can make a huge difference in the vase life of your flowers.

Step 5: Keep your flowers cool and keep the water clean is our # 1 tip!!

For a long lifespan of your flowers, display in a cool, well ventilated place out of direct sunlight and keep them away from heat and drafts.

Keeping flowers cool slows down the respiration rate and maximizes your vase life. The cooler the room, the longer you will enjoy your blooms.

Bonus tip! Edit your arrangement and recreate

Remember the longevity of flowers varies and some blooms will outlast others. If you notice some flowers fading, remove these blooms from your arrangement. I highly recommend experimenting and trying to dry these flowers. You may be surprised at the number of blooms that will preserve and dry nicely. You have nothing to lose in trying:).

Removing these faded blooms will also keep your water clean and the rest of your flowers happy.

What Small Flower {floral studio} does to ensure your flowers come to you happy and hydrated

We take the time to process and hydrate your flowers before they ever leave our studio. We spend hours prepping and conditioning your flowers so that by the time they reach your home they are in the best condition possible to have you enjoy them as long as possible.

We deliver all of our cut flowers in an Eco Fresh Bouquet Wrap. This helps us achieve absolute freshness in a sustainable manner, with 100% plant-based, compostable, biodegradable, re-usable hydration wraps (because we care about our planet as much as we care about flowers).

When we are designing, we make each bouquet unique and spectacular. We design mindfully knowing that not all blooms last the same amount of time. We may choose to include a few spectacular blooms knowing that they may not last long but are still worth being seen and enjoyed. We will also add other blooms that we know will last longer. Our hope is that you will embrace the impermanence of each beautiful bloom and take in the beauty they offer at each stage of life.

Notice and embrace the power of each small flower and the hope, healing and beauty that these flowers have to offering you.

Contact Small Flower {floral studio}, at or 403.245.5543 for all your floral needs including care and maintenance.

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