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Five Benefits to Practicing Creativity

Nurturing your creativity and boosting your intuitive awareness are essential to living a powerful creative life. Creativity is bound to flourish when you offer yourself the external environment and internal tools that will foster your own creative process. We believe key to make room in your life to foster creativity to enrich your own life and the lives of people around you.

Did you know there are at least 5 huge benefits to practicing creativity:

1) Energize your mind: When you take time to nurture your creativity you make room to energize your mind and soul. The simple practice of creativity is known to energize you give you more energy.

2) Gain confidence: If you develop a regular creative practice you will surprise yourself. Learning new skills and practice increases competence and with each success you will gain confidence in the things you create.

3) Reduce stress: When you get lost in what you are doing, you get closer to your true, calm self. Letting go of achieving and just following the whim of the moment opens you up to new and exciting explorations.

4) Increase your imagination: with each creative practice you open yourself to experiencing pushing through and experimenting with the unknown and potential of what could be...with each new experience you will be open to imagining and exploring even more.

5) Grow as a person: Creative practice expands you internally; that growth can show up in all areas of life.

My passion for nature and flowers is one of my favorite creative practices. I know it's my job but it adds so much to my life and I nurture time alone in this practice, were it is selfishly just for me. I often take time to do a floral meditation that is my way of slowing way down and inviting all my senses to show up to the party! What's one creative habit you already do or want to add to your life? I love hearing about the things that feed your soul.

I love creating space for people to explore their own creative process through the workshops we offer in our studio at Small Flower. It's a safe, casual and relaxed environment were we provide all the materials and instruction with an open invitation to get lost in your own creative process. Come explore the things that help you energize you, grow your confidence, reduces your stress, bring your imagination and helps you grow.

Can't wait to see what we can create together!

Much love,

Elli xo

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