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Small Intimate Backyard Wedding: Late Summer Simplicity

Jacquie + Jeff’s, August Wedding

In the vast domain of wedding trends and themes, there's an allure to simplicity, a call back to the unadorned elegance that speaks to the heart of a celebration not engulfed in grandeur but one that cherishes the simple joys of love and connection. We want to explore the charm and practicality of an intimate, late summer backyard wedding, tailor-made for the couple who values authenticity and the warm hands of cherished surroundings.


The Unfolding Canvas of a 'Small and Intimate'

While grand ballroom affairs certainly have their place, the rising affection for more modest ceremonies reflects a more prominent social shift towards valuing shared moments over material extravagance. Close-knit gatherings, particularly those held in the heart of one's abode, paint a picture of inclusion and raw sentiment. Imagine the spectrum of golden hour hues refracted in the intimate setting of a backyard, framing love as vibrant as it is peaceful. We craft this wedding palette with late summer in mind, as well as taking note of the natural and carefree nature of this day.

The natural fusion of gold, fresh yellows, creams, and bright greens converge to form the distinctive charm of  Jacquie and Jeff's late wedding. These elements, inspired by the season's flora and bathed in the year's most muted but inviting sunlight, brought about an unspoken harmony only nature can orchestrate.


Craft Your Palette with Late Summer in Mind

Jacquie chose a natural fusion of gold, fresh yellows, creams, and bright greens to converge the distinctive charm of this late summer backyard wedding. These elements, inspired by the season's flora and bathed in the year's most muted but inviting sunlight, bring about an unspoken harmony only nature can orchestrate.


The Venue in Every Heartbeat

In contrast to more traditional venues, your backyard offers a canvas unlike any other. A place brimming with personal history and sentimental value, it becomes more than a site for nuptial exchange; it's a living testimonial of the life you've shared and will continue to intertwine. This venue was chosen with intention by this beautiful couple. The exchange of rings and vows in your own backyard transcends the symbolic. It's a declaration nourished by the earth beneath your feet and the sky above, a shared breath that makes the ceremony even more inward and profound.

Personal Touches

In a celebration sanctified by intimacy, individuality is celebrated, and personal touches resonate deeply.

Jacquie and Jeff's intimate union was a cozy celebration of love and connection. Only their nearest and dearest were by their side and included a special guest of honour: their cherished dog. The ceremony began with a ceremonial smudging led by Officiant Lisa Marie Walker, making it a genuinely sacred day. These elements add a special personal touch to create a down-to-earth atmosphere for this intimate day.


Sustainability as a Testament

In the choice of every service, sustainability is not just a buzzword but a testament to the commitment of leaving a smaller footprint. An intimate backyard wedding, particularly in harmony with late summer, paints an eco-friendly portrait of love and marriage.


Planning for Life, Not Just the Day

An intimate wedding is a grounding experience, a reminder that the foundational aspects of marriage transcend the ceremonious. Planning for life, not just the day, sets the stage for a union sustained by the same love of simplicity that ignited it.

In conclusion, an intimate late summer backyard wedding is more than a trend or a thematic choice—it's a reflection of the couple's choice to celebrate in a way that's uniquely their own. It's an acknowledgment of the value found in simplicity and the joy of shared moments. By infusing the occasion with personal touches and local charm, you craft a celebration that not only marks the day you become a union but resonates with your guests long after the final toast. An intimate backyard wedding is a canvas for authenticity, an oasis of genuine connection in a modern world often bustling with distraction. It is, in every sense, a celebration close to home.



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