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Late Summer/Early Autumn Simplicity: Intimate Backyard Wedding

Jacquie + Jeff’s Wedding

A Cheerful and Vibrant palette of gold, fresh yellows, creams, and bright greens compliment the folksy late summer wedding perfectly. This simplistic and new palette can be dressed down with a quaint venue (such as the bride and groom’s backyard in this case) or dressed up with elegant lace, gold details, or rustic wood.

This boho palette is clean and vibrant while still earthy, making it the perfect match for spring, summer or fall weddings.

Jacquie and Jeff’s humble backyard wedding was as intimate and down-to-earth as possible. The ceremony started with a ceremonial smudging, and the kind wishes and words of family, friends, and even their dog joined in on the celebration! The cozy and personal venue reflects the couple’s deep love and connection to one another, their family, friends and nature herself. With this wedding in late August, we could use 98% local blooms, creating a truly sustainable event. The only flower that was not local was the yellow rose, and we can boast that all other flowers were grown here in Alberta. A wonderful, meaningful and intimate day for this special couple.

The bouquet and Boutonniere for the groom were ordered through our a la carte wedding menu. We make the process as easy as 1-2-3. You will choose your budget, pick your colour palette and then leave all the details with us. We make ordering beautiful flowers for your wedding day easy.

Photography: Deanna Rachel Photography

Officiant: Lisa Marie Walker

Flowers: @smallflowerfloralstudio



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