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The Secret Language of each "Small" Flowers

The world is full of beauty, and small flowers are among the most beautiful treasures we have available, and each small flower carries it's own secret language that has a hidden message. These delicate blooms often symbolize love, hope, healing, and beauty. Our Mission at Small Flower is to Offer Hope, Healing and Beauty to the World through the Power of Every Small Flower, so we thought it would be fitting to take some time to magnify the magic in each of these tiny treasures. We hope you embrace the magic of these little gifts; may they remind you to take the time you need to nurture and care for your own spirit today and always. So here we look at five of our favourite small flowers and their secret messages to the world.

Muscari – Muscari is commonly known as grape🍇 hyacinth & we find her stink'n charming. While muscari isn't explicitly known for its symbolic meaning, the rich blue tones are commonly associated with power and confidence. At the same time, the more purple shades tend to represent mystery, calm and creativity. In the Christian tradition, it is seen as a symbol of wisdom and tranquillity.

Forget-me-not – Forget-me-not is a vibrant blue bloom and is a personal favourite, with all the nostalgia attached to this tiny treasure. Their name is derived from an old German legend about two lovers whose relationship ended too soon when one was killed in battle. The man requested that his love send him a forget-me-not every year so he could remember her forever. Thus, this flower has become a symbol of remembrance and eternal love. A popular flower for bridal work, it symbolizes true love, devotion, respect, and fidelity.

close-up-of-the-forget-me-not flower

Allium – Allium is a genus of flowering that includes onions, garlic, chives, and more than 500 other species. People often give these flowers as gifts during special occasions such as weddings or anniversaries because they symbolize unity and strength in relationships. We think this sweet tiny bloom is just darling and is reminiscent of a distant cousin, the forever beloved; lily of the valley. This decorative flower comes in many shapes and sizes, with shades of purple, pink, or white petals surrounding a dainty yellow center.

Star of Bethlehem – The botanical name is Ornithogalum or affectionately known as Orni. I call this the most underappreciated flower in any florist's cooler. This flower has tiny starburst blooms that resemble stars or snowflakes, hence its name. It's not unusual for this small flower to last up to a month; it only improves with time. Orni is packed full of symbolism, representing innocence, purity, hope, honesty and forgiveness- it's often used in bouquets for brides on their wedding day as it signifies good luck for the couple's marriage ahead.

Lavender – Lavender is an unmistakable scent that has been around for centuries; its aroma is thought to promote relaxation, reduce stress levels, enhance moods and even help people sleep better at night! Not only does this little purple flower smell great, but it is both invigorating and calming. Just breathing in her scent can reduce your blood pressure and heart rate. Lavender is a stunning fresh flower that dries beautifully, making it a perfect decoration ingredient. Lavender flowers represent stillness, devotion, purity, grace, and serenity. Purple is the colour of royalty and speaks of elegance and refinement,

Small flowers offer us much more than beauty; they also bring messages of hope, healing, love and strength! From muscari's message of patience & perseverance to lavender's calming aroma & symbolism - there is something special about these tiny blooms! Whether you're looking for a meaningful gift or want to add some cheer to your home - small flowers are always here to lend us their secret language & provide us with comfort & joy! #powerofonesmallflower

If you want some small flowers to brighten your day visit our flower menu today! Would you like to learn about more flowers? Visit our blog, Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Flowers to Brighten Your Mood. Read up on Decoding the Victorian Language of Flowers


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