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Enjoy the Memories of your Bridal Bouquet long after you say "I do"

We know that flowers matter and are a big part of your wedding day and we also know how hard it is to part with those beautiful blooms after you say I do. As a lover of flower it breaks my heart a little bit to think about these flowers getting tossed away without realizing the full beauty that still existed and is being offered by them. Always reuse them! My favorite thing to do with leftover flowers is to dry them. There are many flowers that can easily dry in your bouquet that you may not know about."

The good news, small flower lover, getting creative is our go-to option here. Doing a little planning beforehand can help those flowers to live on and on.

Below, get some wonderful tips on what to do with your flowers post-wedding. Our hope is that perhaps you may even find one or two idea that make your soul smile and having these things spark memories back to a day that will always be embedded in your mind as a day to remember and cherish.

1.) If you have hung around us for any length of time you already are aware how much we love dried flowers, so why not dry your bouquet as a memento of your wedding day? There are a surprising # of flowers that dry with so much interest, colour and texture. We will be making a blog post soon of flowers that dry well. You may choose to have your bouquet reconstructed into a lovely wreath to decorate a door or wall or you could have a dried arrangements made with your blooms to decorate your new home together.

2.) Make special flower sachets, potpourri or floral smudge sticks. Every small flower is packed full of magic for us to tap into and enjoy. How special would the flower energy from your wedding day be? I imagine they would carry with them even more love and vitality and be bursting with positive loving memories so why not continue to tap into the intention and medicine that each small flower has to offer you? When choosing your wedding flowers you may want to consider the message of each small flower and the energy, life and intention that you want to bring to your wedding day as well as your marriage. Taking the time to plan a bouquet that is chose with intention behind it will leave such a lovely sentiment to your wedding day for years to come. Learn about the language of flowers (we blogged about it) and the magic of the floral essence in some flowers that you may want to include in your bouquet. You can also learn a bit about making flower sachets, potpourri and floral smudge sticks in an upcoming blog (so check back soon).

3.) We love makers and local artist that used our blooms to have a lasting impression. The work of Irene Rasetti, a natural botanical textile artist is on the top of our list. I can not think of anything quite as special as having a custom garment dyed from the flowers and foliage in your bouquet. Each piece is one of a kind and Irene can create a heirloom garment or piece of lingerie that you will always treasure.

4.) Press your flowers and have a piece of art custom made for you. Oxeyed Floral Co. Ayla Graham is a flower pressing queen and her work are true creative masterpieces. Have Alya work her magic on pressing the flowers from your bouquet to create a unique one of a kind piece of art that will always be linked back to your wedding day.

5.) Make candles. This is such a fun little project and looks so pretty and you can make a beautiful batch from the flowers from your wedding day. Keep them to burn for years to come or give some away as a thank you to the people special in your life.

6.) Have your flowers professionally photographed. Hiring the right photographer is key to having your wedding day captured for years to come. Ask your photographer to take the time to create a flat-lay with your stationary, your ring, your shoes the grooms cufflinks and any other special mementos from your day and of course your flowers :). giving them instructions of other floral highlights that you want captured well in advance will helps them to capture the images that are important to you.

7.) Hire an artist to capture your bouquet as a piece of art for you to keep as a treasured piece for years to come. There is so much talent to choose from but 3 of my local favorites are Little May Papery and Elise Maree, and last but not least Alison Martin Creative One other artist that I have admired for years through instagram is Heidi Shedlock out or South Africa, her work is really spectacular, and she has a way of capturing the beauty and emotion that comes with flowers or follower her on IG @heidishedlock.

8.) I love the idea of having your bouquets essence captured for all time through the art of embroidery. A local artist that I truly admire is Heather Isabell and she is available to commission a piece of art just for you. I am a bit of a romantic so the thought of someone taking the time to lovingly stitch a replica of your bridal bouquet would be something to cherish as a heirloom piece for your family. Contact her through her IG account at

9.) Another nostalgic and sweet option is to have your bouquet professionally dried and made into a piece of art. There is a great company out of Edmonton that will preserve your bouquet where you can display it in an encases bubble frame.

Hope these ideas have inspired you to explore how you might be able to enjoy the memories of your wedding day and your flowers for many years to come because we know that flowers bring a special gift to the world and the memories are worth sharing.


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