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A Whimsical West Coast Fern-Inspired Wedding in Downtown Calgary: Lauren and Salim's Story of Love and Resilience

Lauren + Salim October 2020

Lauren had dreamt of getting married at her family cabin on the West Coast for her wedding day as long as she could remember. An enchanting place nestled among the ferns within the verdant forests and tranquil landscapes that perfectly capture the essence of nature's timeless beauty was the look and feel we wanted to recreate when the hopes of this magical wedding came to a crashing halt for Lauren and Salim.

These nature enthusiasts whose hearts beat in rhythm with the ebbing tides and whispering winds, their wedding was a testament to their love for each other and their strength and resolve in the face of life’s most unexpected challenges.


A West Coast Inspired Wedding Dream Wrapped in Greenery

Imagine a bridal bouquet overflowing with lush ferns and delicate greenery held by a bride whose radiant smile mirrors the natural beauty around her. This was the ethereal vision for Lauren and Salim's wedding – a whimsical celebration deeply rooted in the rustic charm of the West Coast.


The theme woven through their special day was one of wild elegance, where the intangible magic of nature's textures – the softness of ferns, the roughness of driftwood, and the resilience of organic greens – created a moody and non-traditional backdrop for an event filled with deep emotional resonance.


The Essence of Natural Splendour

Inspired by Vancouver Island's enchanting woodlands, the decor's focal point was an abundance of ferns, symbolizing new beginnings and endless possibilities. Earthy tones danced with vibrant greens across tablescapes adorned with loose greenery, creating an uninterrupted flow of natural splendour. Luminous votives glow gently among the textural greens and driftwood gracing each table. The modern copper arch, set against a backdrop of red brick, was encased in a cascade of textured greens and ferns, perfectly framing the couple as they exchanged their wedding vows.


Imagine the bridal party, led by Lauren, orchestrating a visual masterpiece. Her bouquet features a whimsical mix of forest and fern, elegantly cascading to embrace the unconventional. Bridesmaids' bouquets echo this aesthetic in a smaller size, while the groom and groomsmen wear boutonnières reflecting the untamed spirit of the coast.


Celebrating Amid Life's Storms

Lauren and Salim's celebration wasn't just a union of two souls but a declaration of love's persistence through their most challenging moments. Their intimate original wedding took place amidst the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, marking the beginning of a shared commitment that would soon be tested.

Their 15-month-old daughter, Ruby, faced a dire challenge: a rare form of liver cancer. Yet, even in the dark throes of adversity, Lauren and Sam's bond shimmered with hope and unwavering solidarity. The community's support was palpable, enveloping the family in a warm embrace as they navigated their most challenging days.


A Fusion of Modern Whimsy and Time-Honoured Love

Lauren and Salim continued to weave their narrative through a thoughtful reception, an occasion to share their remarkable journey with cherished family and friends. The venue itself, with its rustic brick walls, became a canvas for their love story, reflecting the fusion of contemporary design and natural aesthetics.


The carefully selected earth-toned palette, textured details, deep blue goblet, and natural driftwood all embody their philosophy - a deep-rooted belief in nature's revitalizing force and the lasting strength of love.

In the Company of Green, a Symbol of Growth and Renewal

For those seeking to mirror the serenity and romance of a West Coast-inspired wedding, Lauren and Salim's story is not just inspiring; it's a blueprint for intertwining personal narratives with the grandeur of the natural world.

Their resilient spirits are captured in the little details that made their day unique—a beautiful reflection of their unity and a powerful message to all who shared in their joy.


At the heart of every whimsical, fern-inspired wedding is a story waiting to be told, love waiting to be celebrated. May Lauren and Salim's unwavering devotion and passion for our planet guide you as you plan your own enchanted West Coast wedding.

Are you inspired by Lauren and Sam's celebration and wish to craft your own whimsical West Coast narrative? Reach out to our wedding planners and begin charting a beautiful course through your wedding dreams, surrounded by the untamed beauty of the natural world. Together, we can create an event that encapsulates your unique love story. Connect with us today.

Venue: Venue 308

Photography: Kelsey Vera Photography @kelseyveraphoto




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