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Flowers to Celebrate International Women's Day

International Women’s Day is an annual event. While it’s important to recognize the accomplishments of influential women past and present, let us not forget that this day also offers a chance to celebrate all of today’s gorgeous she-roes, or in my case, shoe-roes :). What better way to acknowledge the power of female beauty than by honouring them with flowers for International Women's Day?


Why we Celebrate with Flower for International Women's Day

At Small Flower {floral studio}, we understand and appreciate the significance of International Women's Day. We have chosen to feature the stunning Acacia Mimosa as our March flower. This delicate yet powerful bloom holds a special place in our hearts and embodies everything this day represents.

Originally a tradition in Italy, men and children would meander through the streets with their hands adorned with Acacia Mimosa branches to honour and show respect to women everywhere. This beautiful gesture has now symbolized women's accomplishments, strength, and indispensable contributions to society.

As we envision this heartwarming tradition taking root in Calgary, we can't help but feel inspired by the idea of weaving it into our cultural tapestry. Let's champion the cause of "Hear it for the Girls!" and embrace this timeless emblem of renewal, purity, and strength.

The Acacia Mimosa holds symbolic value and brings joy and warmth with its vibrant, sunny disposition and fragrance. Gifting this bloom to your loved ones is a way to acknowledge their anticipation for spring and uplift their spirits as they embrace the awakening of the new season.

Join us at Small Flower {floral studio} in embracing spring's renewal with Acacia Mimosa – a resplendent symbol of hope, resilience, and the power of women. Let us spread love, appreciation, and admiration for all the amazing women in our lives.

This year, we committed to celebrating our ladies in full bloom! So grab your favourite bunch of vivacious petals (and maybe even add our green goddess if you feel so inclined) and join us as we shout from the rooftops how extraordinary all women are and that we are all worth celebrating with flowers on International Women's Day.


Every year, March 8th marks International Women’s Day – a day dedicated to celebrating the achievements of women around the world. And what better way to celebrate than with flowers? This special occasion brings to mind the flower colours associated with International Women’s Day: purple, white and green. While each flower has its special meaning, these three colours are often associated with feminism, justice and solidarity.

Small Flowe {floral studio} offers a wide selection of blooms perfect for celebrating International Women’s Day. Whether looking for something classic like roses or unique like acacia, you will find something perfect to represent your appreciation for women’s rights. Imagine a gender-equal world. Envision a world free of stereotypes, bias and discrimination. A world full of diversity, inclusion and equity. A world where differences are valued and celebrated. Here are five flower bouquets that make perfect gifts to mark this special occasion:

Here are the top five shop favourite floral and fauna options we consider impeccable options for celebrating International Women’s Day:

1. Te Fiti, the Green Goddess- Disney’s own Green Goddess, personifying Mother Nature herself. A perfect gift for the natural-born nurturing woman in your life. The Philodendron Cordatum Brazil plant is an ideal plant to represent love and admiration. Why not be a goddess within and show appreciation for the strong women in your life?

2. Bloom'n Beauty– Promote women's body positivity and self-love. Cherish your femininity and discard what hinders your growth. Flourish with the unique light that distinguishes you. Let these flowers serve as a reminder that life is ephemeral, urging you to seize each moment and live life to its fullest. Remember, self-love, body positivity, and living life to the fullest are key to personal growth and happiness.

3. International Women’s Day BouquetOur hand-selected International Women's Day flowers come in shades of purple, white and green, the official colours of the event. The purple flowers stand for justice, the white blooms symbolize purity, and the green ones signify hope. Celebrate this special day with our unique flower bouquet of cut flowers to go in their own vase.

4. Floral Crown- Tell her she's your goddess and you're in awe of her devotion to beautifying the world. Gift her with stunning flowers worthy of adorning her with a regal crown.

5. Drink to Pink We're celebrating our bold, vibrant, and innovative creatives with a juicy gift for her! We see you, admire you, and believe you're the she-roes of our time! Keep creating, and keep inspiring!

Gifting a bouquet of acacia mimosa is a beautiful gesture to honour the women in your life - mothers, sisters, wives, partners, friends, or colleagues. It's a way to express love and appreciation for their unique contributions.

International Women's Day is more than just celebrating achievements; it promotes equality and equity. The 2023 theme, Equity, encourages us all to acknowledge the strength and courage of women. Whether you're celebrating with flowers or advocating for gender equity, remember that every action brings us closer to universal equality.

In 2024, the theme is 'Inspire Inclusivity with all, it's about promoting and uplifting each other to create a positive impact, making the world better. While a flower bouquet could symbolize appreciation, we can contribute to a better world in countless ways.

At Small Flower, we're not just about providing beautiful flower bouquets but empowering people and celebrating diversity and inclusion. Show your support for the she-roes in your life this International Women's Day. Gift a bouquet to celebrate all women and inspire inclusivity for all.

Remember, we heart you all! Want to see more options? Happy shopping! Looking for more Inspiration for Spring Equinox in Calgary


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