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Yearning for Spring - Spring Equinox

Featuring the Acacia Mimosa for the Month of March

March in Calgary always seems to be a time when our winter is lingering just a little too long. We are itching to experience the life and renewal that happens with spring. Whether it feels like spring or not in the Northern Hemisphere, March 19 marks the vernal equinox, also known as the spring equinox. On that day, the sun will pass straight above the equator and day and night will be of equal duration all over the planet, each 12 hours long.

This also marks the official beginning of spring, and what better way to celebrate the season of rebirth than with bright and cheery spring flowers bursting into bloom!

In many ways its seems so unfair that in Calgary, we still have to wait until after the May long weekend for the promise of frost-free nights. With so many of our neighbors enjoying a real spring it is no wonder we go a wee bit squirrely.

As you all know, we are total flower nerds here at Small Flower and we truly believe in the power of one small flower to turn our longings into hope. So whenever we can get our hands on new and interesting flowers we are all over it.

If given the opportunity to drive through the South of France in March you will experience the gorgeous yellow flowers of the Mimosa trees. Open your window and you will notice their delicious perfume as well. Just when you are sick of winter and can't wait for the first signs of spring these trees burst into bloom and add instant brightness to the days.  Small Flower is featuring the Acacia Mimosa for the Month of March! This happy yellow bloom is here to offer so much life and beauty to your day and is the perfect hit of happy for any dreary March day.

This month, we are getting in the beautiful Acacia Mimosa flower. This happy yellow bloom is here to offer so much life and beauty to your day and is the perfect hit of happy for any dreary March day. On International Women's day (March 8) in Italy, the men line the streets and wave the Acacia branches in the air and present them to the ladies to show their love and appreciation. Not a bad tradition and I think something we could all benefit from in Calgary!

The ancient Acacia represents renewal, pureness and fortitude so it feels fitting to feature for the month of March. We are all seeking the renewal that spring offers and the Mimosa is a perfect remedy. We crave the scent and pureness that is offered by spring blooms and the acacia mimosa has a sweet scent from heaven. Fortitude runs through our veins; we are a strong and courageous lot and we have the grit that it takes to overcome adversity but we are not to proud to take help when it is offered.

What a beautiful symbol of hope the sweet scented yellow Acacia Mimosa offers us! So to celebrate life and hope and renewal we are featuring the sunshine-hued blooms of Acacia to our clients throughout the month of March.

Please enjoy this hit of happy and happy spring!!

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