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The Language of Flowers

As a teenager I loved looking through old Victorian books about flowers. You know the kind that had pretty fabric binding and that pages were worn and stained and the paper had that lovely old paper scent...I would get lost in the magic in those pages.

You know the ones with beautiful botanical illustrations with roses and their meanings - red roses mean love, orange roses mean fascination, pink roses mean grace, purple roses mean enchantment, and so on. But there's more to it, isn't there? Flowers speak a thousand words and there magic had enchanted us throughout the millennia. I think this is where my fascination with the "power of one small flower" was birthed and it continues to grow as I learn from the flowers I encounter each day. It’s why I so love to pour out the power and significance that each flower has to impact and move us.

The language of flowers, from the Victorian-era was a means of communication in which various flowers and floral arrangements were used to send coded messages, allowing individuals to express feelings which otherwise could not be spoken. I think this is such a romantic and lovely notion and would love to conger up beautiful intentions through the bouquets we create for you to express your special kind of love. This language was most commonly communicated through tussie-mussies (small flower bouquets), an art which has a following today." (Wikipedia) We would love to create a tussie-mussy just for you.

And what a novel idea for Valentine's Day? Flowers speak a thousand words, particularly the lovely kind! What words do you want to send to your love this Valentine's Day? Take the time to create your very own tussie- mussy. It can be our little secret or you can share its special meaning with the receiver :) the choice is yours.

  • Agapanthus- a love letter

  • Anemone - abandonment, forsaken

  • Calla - magnificent beauty, purity and majesty

  • Camellia - excellence, my destiny is in your hands

  • Carnation (deep red) - Alas! For my poor heart

  • Chrysanthemum - hope, cheerfulness under adversity

  • Chrysanthemum (white) - truth

  • Clematis - mental beauty

  • Daisy (colourful) - beauty

  • Daisy (white) - innocence

  • Delphinium - swiftness, levity

  • Freesia - calm, lasting friendship

  • Gypsophila - everlasting love

  • Heather - protection

  • Hyacinth - young love

  • White Hyacinth- beauty

  • Purple Hyacinth- please forgive me

  • Hydrangea - boastful, heartfelt gratitude for being understood

  • Ivy - friendship, fidelity

  • Larkspur - lightness, levity

  • Lavender - mistrust

  • Lily (white) - virtue, majesty

  • Myrtle - love

  • Orchid - ecstasy, refined beauty

  • Olive branch - peace

  • Peony - bashfulness

  • Poppy - dreams, fantastic extravagance

  • Queen Anne's Lace - Fantasy

  • Ranunculus - you are radiant with charms

  • Rose - love

  • Rose (burgundy) - unconscious beauty

  • Rose (cabbage/garden) - ambassador of love

  • Rose (deep red) - bashful

  • Rose (white) - silence, a heart unacquainted with love

  • Scabiosa - unfortunate love

  • Snapdragon - presumption

  • Sweet Pea - delicate pleasures

  • Star of Bethlehem- Innocence and purity

  • Stock - lasting beauty

  • Tulip (red) - declaration of love

  • Tulip (variegated) - beautiful eyes

  • Veronica - fidelity

Sending flowers is an ideal way to convey a sentiment that words cannot express. A bouquet of carefully chosen blooms can bring joy to the recipient with its beauty and vibrant colours.

When choosing a flower arrangement, consider the feelings being conveyed and select thoughtfully. If your message is one of love, roses are always a classic choice that delivers the perfect amount of romance. Tulips signify rebirth and renewal, whereas daisies represent innocence and purity. Whatever the message or emotion you wish to share, there's an ideal flower.

Make your next gesture truly special by sending flowers with a secret sentimental message attached! Create an unforgettable moment with your special someone by expressing how much they mean to you with beautiful blooms - no matter the occasion! If you have a secret message you want to send, let us know, and we will work are magic for you. The sentiments of flowers and the messages they offer are endless. We are hopeless romantics so let us help you create the perfect bouquet that will make your significant other feel like they are the only one in the world. Let us know what message you want to send, and we’ll handle all of the details! So don’t wait, surprise your special someone today with a heartfelt gesture of flowers. Order Today. Are you wondering about the benefits flowers can offer? Check out our blog,5 Top Reasons to Add Flowers to your Home or Office.

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