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Badlands Boho Wedding- Luxurious, Sensual and Deep

Kaitlyn + Travis September 2020

Kaitlyn and Travis's Wedding gave us all the feels. These two took every opportunity to make their wedding day unique and authentic to who they were. Choosing to celebrate their big day with their closest friends and family in Edmonton and packing up and travelling to Drumheller for fantastic visual memories was a top priority for these two. The badlands at dusk is pure magic and was an excellent location to show off the brilliants of Kaitlyn's magnificent lace, gem-adorned dress. Pure enchantment was happening in the badlands that day! The deep hues and textural elements in the bridal bouquet and buttonhole were chosen carefully to reflect this beautiful couple's earthy yet luxurious elegance.

Every detail of this event was a visual piece of art!!

This sweet flower girl looks like an enchanted fairy, if we might say so.

Ceremony Venue: Forest Heights Park, Edmonton

Photo Venue: Drumheller

Season: Fall



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