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Blooming Budgets: Decoding your Wedding Flower Cost in Calgary

Wedding flowers signify the start of a new journey and express the couple's unique style and preferences, but how does one determine what wedding flowers cost in Calgary? The artistry and dedication that go into these floral arrangements are exceptional, and we are here to help explain why wedding flowers cost what they do. Explore our detailed botanical guide to understand the cost behind the beloved tradition of wedding flowers, helping you make informed decisions for your memorable day.


How does a florist price your wedding flowers in Calgary?

Wedding bouquets in Calgary stand out for their beauty and craftsmanship, reflecting local florists' remarkable dedication and skill. However, several key factors influence the pricing of these exquisite floral arrangements. Seasonality plays a significant role as flower prices fluctuate, often increasing the cost of out-of-season blooms. The impact of COVID-19 has further strained the floral supply chain, leading to limited availability and higher costs for certain flowers.

The expertise and labour involved in crafting each bouquet also contribute to its price. Creating stunning floral designs requires a high level of skill, which dedicated florists hone through continuous education and practice. Additionally, the cost of supplies, including vases, wires, ribbons, boxes, and all supplies, must be factored into the final price.

Moreover, the complexity and size of the bouquet's design play a crucial role in determining its cost. Grander and intricate arrangements naturally require more time and materials, reflected in their higher price point. The more unique and unusual the flower the higher the price point you can expect. Flowers that are in high demand will also reflect a higher price tag.

For anyone planning a wedding in Calgary, understanding these factors can help in budgeting for floral arrangements and choosing the right florist to bring their vision to life.

Why are wedding bouquets so expensive?

Professional florists, armed with years of experience, artfully blend artistic vision with the practicality of flower arrangement. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that your wedding flowers look breathtaking and last throughout your big day. Opting for a professional florist adds a personal touch and elegance that off-the-shelf bouquets can't provide. In part, you are paying for the years of experience we provide and the time and money invested into a craft we take very seriously.

Your bridal bouquet is integral to your wedding look, enhancing your dress and expressing your personal style. As you walk down the aisle, your bouquet becomes a stunning focal point, enriching the moment and featuring prominently in wedding photos. Each flower in your bouquet symbolizes a chapter in your love story, underscoring the importance of careful selection and planning.

Wedding bouquets play a crucial role in your special day, and the expertise of a professional florist is key to capturing the essence of your love story. Investing in a beautifully crafted bouquet ensures that this vital part of your wedding decor reflects the beauty and significance of your celebration.

How much should I budget for my wedding flowers?

The Art of Floral Budgeting: Strategic Approaches to Floral Expenditure

Crafting a budget should be precise, not a project to take lightly. What are your floral priorities? It is so important to define a budget that mirrors your vision, style, and values. It could be a small but significant part of your wedding expenses or a grand, room-filling display of flowers. Your budget should capture your floral dreams.

When discussing with your florist, providing a rough estimate can help tailor suggestions to suit your needs and financial plan. Remember, no wedding request is too modest, and no budget is too small with a clear vision. If flowers are a priority to your day, then you should make sure you allocate a large enough budget to meet your desires. We want to work with you to achieve your dreams but this magic can only happen when you have a budget that can accommodate your dreams

Can I use my own vases and vessels at my wedding to reduce costs?

This is something you would need to discuss with each individual florist. At Small Flower, we have no issues using your vessels, but we do require knowing the sizes well in advance so we can give you an accurate quote for the flowers. To ensure your floral displays are perfect, provide your personal vases to your florist at least two weeks before your wedding. This preparation allows for a flawless fit and ensures your flowers match your vases beautifully. Early planning is crucial for your florist to source and prepare the freshest blooms, keeping them vibrant for your special day.

Well-arranged vases can also serve as exquisite wedding favours, leaving your guests with a beautiful reminder of your celebration. Adding these thoughtful touches to your wedding decorations creates lasting memories and a personalized experience that stands out.

Incorporate these strategies to make your wedding truly memorable and maximize the impact of your floral arrangements, turning them into cherished symbols of your big day.

I want to make my wedding arrangements. Can I order bulk flowers for my wedding from you?

Creating DIY floral arrangements for your wedding offers a personal touch that many brides adore. With florists providing the option to order flowers in bulk, it's an irresistible choice for the green-thumbed bride. However, understanding the dynamics of bulk flower pricing, which follows market standards, and the impact of weather on availability is crucial.

Flowers are perishable, so having backup options is smart. Expert florists can recommend stunning alternatives to ensure your wedding décor isn’t compromised. Effective communication and prompt ordering, ideally a month in advance, are key to securing your desired blooms, ensuring both availability and satisfaction on your big day.

For the DIY bride planning to incorporate flowers, knowing exactly how many stems or bunches are needed is vital. Consulting with your florist about the typical stem count for each flower type will help you plan accurately.

In summary, for those looking to add a personal and eco-friendly touch to their wedding with DIY flower arrangements, understanding the ins and outs of bulk ordering, from pricing to the importance of plan B options, and the significance of early ordering cannot be overstated.


Think of your wedding day as a canvas, with flowers adding vibrant colours that create the perfect backdrop. Understanding floral expenses can enrich your wedding planning experience as much as the event itself. Trust in your budgeting skills, rely on your florist's expertise, and watch the beauty of your day unfold, petal by petal.

Are you starting your journey to determine your wedding flower budget? Check out our Wedding Flower Budget Planner. Ready to plan your wedding blooms? Contact us today! We're passionate about weddings and flowers and look forward to bringing your vision to life.


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